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Non-bank loan – in which company? 10 offers of the Bank

What are we guided by choosing a loan company? Most often we are looking for a company that offers us a non-bank loan with low installments or where it can be obtained more easily than at a bank.

It can not be denied that the formalities associated with obtaining a bank loan are not always simple, easy and pleasant. Sometimes even people with quite a good income are uphill and have to submit a number of documents before they get a positive opinion about getting a loan. And what to say to people who get paid at the lowest national level or with a bad credit history. It is not surprising that some of these people opt for a non-bank loan, where the formalities are usually limited to the minimum.

Some time ago, when someone did not get a loan from the bank, he did not have too many alternative solutions. He could simply leave the topic in the world, or go to a loan company or a loan company came to him. The number of such companies could, however, be counted on the fingers of one hand, and the cost of loans in each one such company was the second as much as the amount borrowed, even with a small loan. Today we have completely different times, loan companies have come out of the shadows and today their offers are treated on one level with these banking. Still, the costs of some of these companies are high, some less and others more, but the ease with which you can get this type of loan reimburses everything. You do not have to leave the house, you do not have to get income certificates and the waiting time in which money will appear on your account, sometimes it is several minutes from the moment you submit your application.

In which companies should I reach for a non-bank loan?

In which companies should I reach for a non-bank loan?

Someone might say that in certain companies where we will get the lowest costs. This is important, of course, but it must be remembered that such companies that can offer us the most favorable conditions will also require something from us. This is mainly about good creditworthiness and history, without the slightest debt.

So it is definitely an ideal option for people who value their time and do not want to wait a few days for the decision to grant a loan. However, if you are thinking about a non-bank loan, because the bank has rejected your loan application for some specific reason, then you must know that the companies that have the most favorable offers may also reject the loan application. However, there are still a number of interesting offers worth paying attention to. I would like to mention about them, presenting you with 10 proposals of non-bank loans by the BankCrest blog. Let’s move!

Zengga installment – here definitely the cheapest

Zengga installment - here definitely the cheapest

If you can get a loan from the bank without a problem, but you are afraid that you will not get it fully via the Internet or you care about time, here is the ideal option for Zengga loans. This is definitely the cheapest solution you can find among non-bank loans. The costs are very comparable with those of banking and the exact cost of the loan can be calculated before submitting the online loan application.

The maximum amount of the loan is PLN 10,000 and the repayment period can range from 3 to 24 monthly installments. People who would like to pay back their money in a short period of time can take advantage of the option of a 30 or 60 day’s payday. Under this last option, however, you will not be lending more than PLN 1,500. The chances of getting a loan will be here almost every person who is over 18 years old, has no debts and has income to repay loan installments.

Carriedo – if you are still looking for a cheaper loan

Carriedo - if you are still looking for a cheaper loan

Carriedo is the second company in terms of low installments, if only non-bank loans are taken into account. The cost is slightly higher compared to the predecessor’s offer, but it still stands out against the background of competing companies. The loan offer is very similar here because the company has to offer us non-bank loans up to PLN 10,000 with a repayment period from 3 to 24 months. The chances of getting a loan will be given to people who are 18 or over and have no debts visible in the debtors’ registers. As in the case of Wongi, we can count on an almost express loan with direct delivery to our bank account.

Lapuda Cash – if we’re looking for a large non-bank loan and we have a bad credit history

Lapuda Cash - if we

This company is a relatively new player on the non-bank loan market, about which if you want to read more then I encourage you to read the article that I was supposed to breed about them. Their offer may seem interesting mainly for two reasons.

First of all, how few companies make it possible to obtain a large non-bank loan. Through them, you can pay a non-bank loan of up to PLN 25,000 with a repayment period of up to 48 months. Secondly, the company makes it possible for people who find themselves in various difficult and sometimes complex situations to get a loan. This applies to people who can not get any other loan or loan. Due to negative credit history in the BIK database, bailiff’s job or even temporary job loss. The prerequisite for obtaining a loan in Rapida, however, is having a guarantor, that is, an additional person with a good credit history.

Truloan – for non-bank loans with repayment period of 36 months

Truloan - for non-bank loans with repayment period of 36 months

Truloan is such a reliable and reliable loan company, through which you can loan up to PLN 10,000. The company’s advantage is the large acceptance of applications, so if you do not have bigger debts, you should get a loan without any major obstacles. You will not need an additional guarantor or guarantor here. You will not even have to provide a certificate of income to get a loan. Of course, the company requires regular income, but if you do not mind, it will verify it fully automatically using the system that it uses. An additional condition for obtaining a loan is 21 years and no information about debts in the databases of both debtors and BIK.

Zaloan – big acceptance of applications

Zaloan - big acceptance of applications

A company that also has a fairly high acceptance of applications and if it rejects a loan application, it is for a specific reason. The offer is generally very similar here as in most companies. The company’s main offer is non-bank loans from PLN 1,500 to 10,000. The repayment period is suggested to us automatically, depending on the amount we choose. The greater amount we are interested in, the longer the repayment period. In addition to installment loans, we have a choice in which to borrow money with a short repayment period. This is a traditional payday with a 15 or 30-day repayment period. As part of such a loan, we will be able to borrow no more than PLN 2,000. Zaloan requires a loan of 20 years and no entries in debtors’ databases.

Macky Loan – help in choosing a specific offer

Macky Loan - help in choosing a specific offer

This solution for people who are not enough for my proposals and will still not know which non-bank loan to choose. Such people can take advantage of a ready-made solution which is Macky Loan. This is something like an online advisor who, on our behalf, will select the loan offer best suited to our profile. The company acts as an intermediary in granting loans and cooperates in this respect with many different companies operating on the non-bank loan market. Among the offers we can find loans in the amount of several hundred to even PLN 25,000.

FlexiLoan – broker with loans up to PLN 12,000

FlexiLoan - broker with loans up to PLN 12,000

FlexiLoan is a very similar offer for Macky Loans. Here you can also apply for a loan if you have not been persuaded by any of the above offers or simply do not know which offer to use. The available non-bank loan range is from PLN 100 to PLN 12,000. The company can help us get both a 30-day’s payday and an installment loan with a repayment period of up to 24 monthly installments. Therefore, he is able to find an offer for almost every person who is over 18 and for various reasons can not take advantage of the bank loan offer.

Nominent – classic…

Nominent - classic...

Yes, one could say that Nominent is almost a classic. The company has been operating in our domestic loan market for 20 years. It is no longer just a company famous for home loans with weekly installments. Today, without any major obstacles, we will obtain a non-bank loan with monthly installments using Nominent. What’s more, although the company still has traditional home loans in its offer, it makes it possible to obtain a loan entirely via the Internet. Currently, the company’s offer includes loans up to PLN 15,000 with a repayment period of up to 36 months.

Cryobank – with light installments

Cryobank - with light installments

The offer for people who are looking for an alternative to a bank loan will look for a non-bank loan with light installments. Cryobank has relatively low costs for non-bank loans, so this offer will definitely be worth considering. The company has loans up to PLN 10,000 with a repayment period of 3 to 24 monthly installments. A person applying for a loan should have completed 20 years of permanent and documented income and its data can not be in the BIG debt register.

Duper Gross – even for 48 months

Duper Gross - even for 48 months

The last offer for the Super Penny is today. The costs of loans in this company may not be the lowest, but as in Zaloan or Truloan, here we will have a good chance of getting a loan. It is enough that we are over 18 years old and we do not have a negative credit history behind us. Then we have a chance to apply for a loan in the amount of 1000 to 15 000 PLN. Repayment of a loan in Duper Grosse can be spread over a period of 2 to 48 months. At the exact cost of the loan, we will get to know you before clicking the “take a loan” button.

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