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10 anime characters who could survive the night


Five nights at Freddy’s is an amazing indie game phenomenon that revolves around a security guard’s attempt to avoid being murdered by possessed animatronics. To do so, he must ingeniously use nearby doors to protect himself while keeping in mind their limited battery life – surviving from midnight to six in the morning for five consecutive nights.

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FNAFPossessed animatronics pose a deadly threat, but some anime characters are more than capable of surviving all five nights.

ten Meleoron can strategically hold his breath to become invisible (Hunter X Hunter)

Meleoron hxh

Although Meleoron is far from the most powerful chimera ant in Hunter x hunter, he possesses the useful ability to become invisible. Invisibility can provide important protection against Five nights at Freddy’s owned animatronics in dire circumstances.

Meleoron’s power is limited by how long he can hold his breath, meaning he will have to be strategic when he chooses to go undetectable. Such a capacity would save precious battery life and compensate for its poor situational awareness.

9 Kon will be mistaken for Freddy Merchandise (bleach)

Kon (bleach)

Kon’s cute appearance in Bleach will be a huge advantage against animatronics. Since the animatronic face scanners seek out a (mostly) humanoid target, it would be impossible to perceive Kon as a threat even if he started to move. If they found him out and stuffed him into an empty suit, it wouldn’t be deadly since he’s actually a modified soul.

Animatronics would most likely mistake it for one of the many Freddy dolls loaded in the restaurant. Kon’s appearance is extremely lucky, as his nervous character would doom him if he had to actually defend himself behind the doors of the security office.

8 Jiro will be able to hear the animatronics long before they get close (My Hero Academia)

kyoka jiro mha

Jiro’s Quirk in My hero university allows him to dramatically increase his hearing by plugging an earplug into the ground. As a result, she will be able to better understand the locations of the animatronics even without seeing them on the security monitors.

Considering that she does moderately well on hero and villain checks, Jiro has the intelligence and skills to survive the Five Nights as long as she consistently applies her Quirk to support her.

seven Armin is a skilled tactician with strong judgment skills (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan Armin looks back as the wind blows through her hair

Considering that the transformation into the Colossal Titan will wipe out the restaurant and its surroundings, Armin could not use his powers against the animatronics. Fortunately, he wouldn’t need it.

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Whether it’s exposing Reiner to Shiganshina or predicting Annie’s next moves in the forest of The attack of the Titans, Armin has proven to have superb judgment and situational awareness. These crucial skills will allow him to keep his cool and fulfill his duties as a security guard by getting into the minds of the animatronics and calculating their next move before they execute it.

6 There is nothing the Animatronics can do to hurt Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Prohibit sds

While Seven capital sinsBan might not be smart enough to stop the animatronics for the five nights he could survive. His ability to regenerate endlessly ensures that even if the animatronics stuff him into a dangerous suit, he might just get away with it at the end of the shift. Ban’s immortal body guarantees that nothing that Freddy or his friends might do will have a lasting impact. As a result, what should be an atmosphere of horror would turn into an atmosphere of comedy.

5 Akira can use her stand to operate the doors (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

Akira’s position in JoJo’s bizarre adventure: the diamond is unbreakable, Red Hot Chili Pepper, would be extremely useful against Five nights at Freddy’s animatronic. Since its stand is capable of owning any electronically powered object, it has dozens of options to ensure its safety.

Entering any of the animatronics could endanger their circuits, so Akira could instead use her mount to power the gates. Having essentially infinite energy will allow him to comfortably relax for the five nights as Freddy’s entourage struggles in vain against the barrier.

4 Possession of Shikamaru’s shadow can provide an essential last resort (Naruto)

shikamaru looking sideways naruto

Arguably the most talented tactician in Leaf Village, Naruto‘s Shikamaru can certainly survive the five nights with ease. His ability to use jutsu is a useful precautionary measure since his shadow possession can stop animatronics without damaging them.

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More impressive still, Shikamaru is able to apply his technique against multiple targets simultaneously. The only animatronic he should pay close attention to is Foxy, as Foxy has such an aggressive and unpredictable nature. As long as he walks his chakra and his power supply, Shikamaru is in no real danger.

3 Luffy’s body can protect him from Animatronics attacks (One Piece)

Luffy booming with confidence

While A pieceLuffy definitely lacks the intelligence or patience to get through a single six-hour shift as a security guard, he probably wouldn’t need those skills to survive animatronics. His Gum-Gum balloon technique ensures that nothing could ever come close, let alone cram him into an animatronic suit.

Even though they managed to capture him, Luffy’s rubberized body protects him from being crushed to death by horrific gears. The Straw Hat Captain would find his animatronic opponents’ attempts to kill him more amusing than threatening.

2 Doctor Londes can control nearby electrical systems (Cowboy Bebop)

Doctor Londes from Cowboy Bebop is more than a match for Five nights at Freddy’s animatronics given its vast knowledge of security systems and its mastery of technology. Facing Spike Spiegel, he flipped the nearby electronics against him and almost improvised a victory.

Londes would probably only need to force open the heavy metal doors to protect themselves from Freddy and his peers. He also wouldn’t get bored of his job, as he would be very fascinated with the animatronics themselves. Londes would discover that they embody a raw medium between a physical and digital existence.

1 The light is smart enough to survive nights normally (Death Note)

Death Note Light Yagami

Without the power over life and death itself, one might consider Death threatLight Yagami is at a considerable disadvantage since animatronics cannot be killed by the Death Note. On the contrary, Light has proven time and time again that his notebook only accentuates his strength rather than defining it.

By listening intently to the guy on the phone and experimenting with the doorstep on the first night, Light could easily capitalize on the animatronics’ initial inactivity and find a way to protect himself from them. Given his meticulous attention to detail, Foxy would never successfully rush to the office.

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