A look at the future of biometrics in this week’s news summary


There is a lot of topical variety in this week’s recap of FindBiometrics’ most popular stories, although it’s fair to say that watching the future is a subtle theme.

For example, readers showed a great deal of interest in a report on the future of the iPhone, as is often the case when it comes to Apple speculation. In a recent newsletter, trusted Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claimed that this year’s iPhone 13 will not feature an on-screen version of Touch ID as many had predicted, but said that Apple was working on the technology for a future device:

IPhone 13 won’t feature on-screen biometrics, despite Apple’s R&D: report

Zwipe, meanwhile, is eyeing the future of payments. The company delivered the last sign of momentum for the fledgling biometric payment cards concept this week by announcing that a level 1 bank based in Europe was preparing to carry out a pilot using Zwipe’s technology:

Zwipe is preparing for a biometric card pilot with a level 1 bank

Some were also popular futuristic space news. Virgin Galactic is working with the Italian Air Force and the National Research Council on planning a commercial space flight in which researchers aboard the ship will be fitted with space suits with biometric sensors to measure the effects of the microgravity:

Virgin Galactic researchers to wear biometric suits to study effects of microgravity

On the future of surveillance in the UK, the country’s Commissioner for Biometrics and Surveillance Cameras is considering revising the Code of practice for surveillance cameras, and invited comments from the public. The facial recognition specialist has a few tips:

AnyVision calls for ’empty database’ in ethics recommendations for UK oversight commissioner

Meanwhile, in the present, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank has launched a selfie-based integration system for mobile app users, with one touch. While most selfie integration solutions use facial recognition to match the end user to their official ID, ADIB has partnered with the UAE Ministry of Interior to match customers directly to the database of faces of the latter:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Uses Government Biometric Database For Mobile Integration


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September 11, 2021 – by Alex Perala


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