A visitor enters the orangutan enclosure of an Indonesian zoo and attacks an animal by grabbing it by the leg


While orangutans are known to be one of the gentlest apes, a shocking video of the animal attacking a man has gone viral on social media.

In the video, the monkey can be seen grabbing the man by his T-shirt at first. As a friend tries to pull the man away from the orangutan’s tight grip, the animal grabs the man by the leg. A standoff ensues as the orangutan tightens his grip and pulls him towards the enclosure.

The man is seen hanging by his side in the compound, crying in fear before the video abruptly cuts out, leaving many wondering how the incident ended. The unusual video has now amassed over 12 million views on Twitter.

Watch the video here:

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A second video of the incident posted on Twitter shows that the man eventually managed to escape the animal’s grip, but not before it tried to bite its foot.

The incident was traced to a zoo in Indonesia and happened on June 6. According to local reports, the incident happened at Kasang Kulim zoo in Kabupaten Kampar, Riau province.

According to riau.suara.com, an Indonesian news site, the visitor, identified as Hasan Arifin, violated zoo safety rules by climbing a barrier that normally separates animals from visitors in order to obtain video. The zoo director told reporters the orangutan may have been punched by the visitor before the viral video was filmed.

Balai Besar KSDA Riau, a local government organization, said in a social media post that the young man mistakenly entered the animal enclosure in the afternoon to create content by deliberately taking advantage of the fact that the zoo officials were on break at the time. “Management found out after the news went viral on social media,” the post read.

The team sent to the zoo said they checked the orangutan’s cage after the incident. “The cage has met the requirements where there is a barrier with a safe enough distance for visitors and a warning sign is given not to feed the animals and pass through the guardrail,” the post read.

Authorities also asked zoo management to “enhance visitor supervision and always remind visitors not to feed the animals and ensure safety boundaries in the form of warning signs and high- speakers”.

Authorities also instructed zoo management “to improve visitor supervision and to always remind visitors not to feed the animals and to periodically cross safety boundaries in the form of warning signs and loudspeakers. speakers”.

Following the online outcry, the zoo also posted an apology on Instagram and shared videos to show how the man broke the law and put his life at risk by breaching guardrails. They also asked visitors to be mindful of their actions to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.


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