Abu Dhabi’s COVID-19 scanner could produce results in less than five seconds – EDE technology impresses citizens


Abu Dhabi has started distributing COVID-19 face scanners at several shopping malls to bolster the coronavirus mitigation campaign in the region.

Many residents said they were impressed with the addition of technology brought in by the EDE Research Institute. The specialized device can give results in less than five seconds.

Coronavirus scanners in Abu Dhabi are very effective

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Abu Dhabi begins distributing highly effective COVID-19 face scanners in shopping malls and airports. For the results to come out, it would only take you less than five seconds of your time.

According to Bloomberg, EDE technology was deployed on Monday, June 28 in establishments such as airports and shopping malls where large numbers of people flock. The facial scanner was found to be super effective after a trial involving 20,000 participants.

Like previous technologies focused on detecting traces of COVID-19, the EDE scanner works in the same way but this time thanks to the incorporation of electromagnetic waves. These are responsible for altering the RNA particles in the virus. In a matter of seconds, you will know whether you are infected with the coronavirus or not.

On Sunday evening, June 27, the Ministry of Health (DoH) approved the deployment of facial scanners following the expansion plan of the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee.

The health department has ensured that the latest health technologies are effective in identifying infections in COVID-19 patients. Additionally, if you have been detected as infected with the coronavirus, you will be asked to undergo a PCR test within 24 hours and follow health protocols.

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Abu Dhabi residents’ impressions of the COVID-19 scanner

In an interview with a Dubai-based media outlet, Khaleej weather, several buyers have expressed satisfaction with the launch of EDE scanners around the location. After being introduced to the public, people can now be more confident to browse malls without worrying about fear of the coronavirus.

According to the authorities, public health is their greatest concern, which is why this technology has already been dispersed in several establishments. According to Mayar Salti, a Caribbean expatriate in Abu Dhabi, the new scanner was “convenient and fast”.

“I visited Al Wahda Mall this morning and was surprised when a security guard used the Covid-19 scanner on my face. It was new to me. He then showed me the result. negative and allowed me in, ”he said. – old Salti said.

Another expat from Finland, Helen Zimmer, said she was “amazed” by the EDE scanner when she visited a shopping center in Al Wahda earlier this week.

Meanwhile, Rose Peteho, a Filipino expatriate, told the outlet that when she came to the mall, she showed the Alhosn app to the guard. The latter said he would use the facial scanner for the detection of a COVID infection. She was grateful for being negative for the virus.

EDE scanner lightens the burden on security guards

Besides shoppers, the UAE newspaper said the new technology had helped many security guards scan people on their way to the mall. The whole process only takes less than five seconds.

A security guard said there was a big difference between the face scanner and the Green Pass. Unlike the latter, EDE technology will no longer use any application on your phone. Simply, it will scan your face and immediately display the results.

The Green Pass has previously been used by security guards to separate infected people from uninfected people. To use it, you must have a green pass on your Alhosn app to go to public buildings.

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