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HUNTINGTON STATION, NY (CBS New York) – There’s an update to a story that CBS2 first reported on Monday night, a Long Island woman had a designer handbag stolen from her just bought by thieves who followed her home from a mall.

On Tuesday, CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff asked law enforcement experts how shoppers can protect themselves.

Bushra Shakeel said she was still traumatized.

“I was so nervous and terrified. I couldn’t believe this thing happened,” Shakeel said.

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Shakeel was tracked home from the Walt Whitman Mall. Her high-end splurge, a $3,100 Louis Vuitton handbag, was snatched from her locked car after she and her daughter entered their Deer Park home to check on children with autism.

“My son was shouting, ‘Mom, your car window is broken!’ “said Shakeel.

Police are looking for suspects traveling in a gold or tan Honda Odyssey who drove to her home and then smashed the rear window to steal the bag.

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Reports of brazen thefts of designer handbags fill social media. One happened a month ago at the Louis Vuitton store in The Westchester shopping centre. The creator’s Americana Manhasset location was also affected.

“But following someone home?” I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t seen that,’ Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said.

Harrison said the van is suspected of another crime outside the county and urges the public to take precautions.

“One of our attackers, who was female, was recording or recording our victim via her phone. The only thing I will ask is, you know, inform an authority, a security guard, maybe call 911,” Harrison said.

He added that after buying an expensive item, you can ask security to escort you to your car.

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Retired detective and security expert Shawn Soler said not to be distracted by your phone and to fumble with the keys. Be aware of your surroundings.

“When you enter your vehicle, you can use your door as a defensive piece against you and anyone else coming towards you,” Soler said.

Check if you are being followed. If you think you are, don’t go straight home.

“You can always drive to or near a police department or first aid service, such as a fire department or ambulance. You can ask them to help you. If you’re wrong, there’s no harm,” Soler said.

And if you’re buying an expensive item, don’t shop alone. Shakeel said she thought that made her an easy target. She hopes sharing her story will help catch the thieves.

A reward was offered in the deal. Anyone with information about the suspects can contact the Suffolk County Police Department.


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