Airports look to HID Global to navigate bumpy travel industry


AUSTIN, TX — As airports experience an uneven return to pre-pandemic operations, many of the larger ones are using HID Global’s HID SAFE for Aviation as a unified physical identity and access management solution to defend against security threats and security, while consolidating, automating, and simplifying the associated administrative and regulatory processes.

The HID SAFE for Aviation offering combines an advanced access manager, badge manager, visitor manager, and security reporter with operations analytics to provide comprehensive security across the organization. It also delivers actionable security insights and reports through real-time machine learning technology that collects and correlates cyber and physical identity data.

HID SAFE for Aviation is helping major airports around the world improve safety and security during a time of unprecedented uncertainty regarding the resumption of air travel.

Airport Uses Web-Based HID Solution to Manage Over 15,000 Identities for Secure Airport Access and Reduce Duplicate Data Entry, Improve Customer Service, Achieve Paperless Records Management, Reduce Costs and improve efficiency.

A second manages nearly 1,000 badges and adopted the first cloud-hosted model that allowed it to integrate SAFE for Aviation with its existing physical and IT infrastructure and other authoritative systems.

A third deployment supports a national initiative to bring two dozen airports into compliance with strict government standards. It includes the enforcement of the access policy through regular audits and a 360-degree view of issued credentials and their privileges and permissions.

Airports face complex safety and security challenges while trying to cope with unpredictable passenger volumes and the associated personnel and operational needs. These challenges cannot be solved with stand-alone access control systems for workforce credential management. HID SAFE for Aviation takes another step forward by also supporting supplier and visitor onboarding and badging, identity management, and TSA and COVID-19 requirements such as contactless check-ins and screening of visitors against internal and external watch lists.

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