Android Users Have Been Warned About Google Play Store Password Security App That Can Steal Your Money


ANDROID users are advised to remove Google Play Store password security app that can steal your information and money.

The app, called 2FA Authenticator, poses as a legitimate tool to help users protect their online accounts, but instead drops malware onto their mobile devices.


Android users are advised to remove the 2FA Authenticator appCredit: Getty – Contributor

In this way, it allows cybercriminals to hack information stored on users’ phones, according to security research firm Pradeo.

The company discovered that the app installs a virus named Vultur in users’ phones, which compromises your phone’s security and financial information such as bank details.

“Our analysis revealed that the dropper automatically installs malware called Vultur that targets financial services to steal users’ banking information,” the report read.

The app’s Google Play profile did not disclose critical permissions requested to hack users’ phones, as reported The Times of India.

Hidden permissions allow the app to automatically disable key lock and any associated password security, collect and send users’ app list and location, and perform activities freely even when application is closed.

The app can also download third-party apps and overlay the interfaces of other mobile apps.

Although it was removed from the Google Play Store after Pradeo shared its findings, those who already have it on their phone may still fall victim to the malware.

The app currently has over 10,000 users, and those users will have to manually delete it from their phones.

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