Aquatheatre at Hersheypark celebrates its 50th anniversary


Meet our pinball family


Bowie is the newest addition to the aquatic mammal family! Bowie is a gray seal born in December 2020. At around one month old, Bowie was found on an east coast beach suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Bowie was quickly taken to the New York Marine Research Center. Following the veterinary team’s evaluation, they discovered that Bowie had microphthalmia or underdeveloped eyes, thus rendering him blind in his right eye and partially blind in his left eye. His condition considered him not to be released. You can learn more about its history here.

Bowie is the first gray seal to grace the Aquatheatre in Hershey Park! Despite his situation, Bowie is an incredibly confident and sweet boy who looks forward to spending time with his companions. This summer is Bowie’s debut, and we couldn’t be happier to introduce him to our guests!

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