Asking a delivery driver to dance is deranged – but Amazon bosses seem to disagree | Arwa Mahdawi


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“It remains a panopticon, even if you dance”

Being an Amazon delivery driver sounds like a blast: you get to see the world (well, part of it anyway) as you navigate the open road. Yes, the schedules are grueling. Yes, sometimes you have to pee in water bottles because there is not enough time and no facilities available in which you can take a proper toilet break. Yes, transporting heavy loads means you are at a high risk of injury on the job. Yes, creepy surveillance equipment tracks your every move. But you know what? You get the unparalleled satisfaction of knowing that your hard work is helping Jeff Bezos afford a superyacht of obscene size. And even though the work can be difficult, there are also moments of joy: we have fun at work! According to Vice, TikTok users have started leaving notes in the Amazon app asking their delivery drivers to dance for their door cameras. Then these lovely people post the videos on social media.

There are, I suppose, delivery drivers who may appreciate being told to do a chicken dance when they drop off a package. But many of the drivers Vice spoke to understandably found the dance requests demeaning and irritating. “I only saw these requests in the app,” said a driver in upstate New York. “If they said it in person, I’d probably send shit to them.” And that driver would be justified: Asking an Amazon employee to dance for your enjoyment is, to put it bluntly, deranged.

It would appear that the PR lawsuits at Amazon HQ are different. The official Amazon TikTok account has been boost dystopian trend and share videos of delivery guys dancing to order with cute little comments like “poppin’ and lockin’ while box droppin'”.

It must be said, of course, that these drivers are not obliged to dance. It’s not like Amazon is threatening anyone who ignores customer orders with 10 years of hard labor in Bezos’ space colonies. But there’s a fine line between formally demanding something from your workers and strongly incentivizing it. Amazon delivery drivers are tracked by AI-powered cameras and smartphone apps that monitor their behavior and give them a score at the end of the week. If you don’t behave exactly as Amazon dictates, you risk a low score and your livelihood is at risk.

Drivers are also rated by customers: too many bad reviews can get them fired. So it’s hardly surprising that some drivers told Vice that they felt compelled to dance for people who asked for it. “The customer is king” is an age-old business mantra, but thanks to new technologies, this king can very easily become a tyrant.

Oklahoma Republicans want to put women considering abortion in government database

Continuing the dystopian theme: Republicans in Oklahoma have introduced a bill in the state legislature that would create a call center for pregnant women who want “pre-abortion” resources. What does it mean? This means a group of ghouls (“care workers”) on the phone pressuring vulnerable women not to have abortions. People who contact the center also receive a “unique identification number” to be registered and tracked in a database maintained by the state Department of Health. According to the bill, you will only be able to get an abortion if an abortion provider can confirm that you received one of these numbers. Republicans excel at arming the bureaucracy to control women.

Watch out for gazpacho!

Hardline Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene must have missed the memo about her party trying to police citizens through government databases because she went on a Twitter rant this week about ‘Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police “. Speaking to the Guardian, the Seinfeld soup nazi said he found the whole thing disturbing. “How on earth can an adult person, who grew up in the 20th century, not know what the word Gestapo is?” He asked. “They say ‘You can’t write that shit.’ It’s beyond that you can’t write this shit. It sure is. Anyway, if you ever felt like you weren’t qualified enough for a career in politics, don’t forget not that there are people like Greene in power.

Adidas’ New Sports Bra Ad Is Simply Bust

Specifically, it’s a photo of 25 pairs of bare breasts. The point of this? To showcase the diversity of women’s breasts, apparently. And, much more obviously, to grab people’s attention. Everyone’s talking about the announcement now, so cheers! Will he sell bras? That remains to be seen.

Did Melania Trump spend $170,000 to buy her own NFT?

It sounds suspiciously like what she did.

The Gender Divide in Sport Safety: Female Athletes Are at Higher Risk of Concussion

It is unclear why this is so and experts are calling for more gender-specific research on the matter. One issue could be safety equipment: Florida is the only state in the United States, for example, that requires helmets for girls’ lacrosse, even though they’re the norm for male players. It was a game-changer: One study found that girls who played lacrosse in states that don’t require helmets had a 59% higher rate of concussion. (By the way, funny how Florida has no problem with certain security mandates!)

Australian men are still twice as likely as women to earn over $120,000 a year

However, the overall gender pay gap has narrowed slightly.

Living in a Woman’s Body: A Guardian Special

Spend some time with this brilliant collection of essays. I particularly enjoyed this beautifully written article by Dr. Frances Ryan: “It is radical to love a body that the world says is wrong.” And Arifa Akbar has a brilliant essay on compulsory motherhood: “A capitalism of body and mind that has captured the maternal instinct and sold it to me.

Dua Lipa launched a newsletter

Yours truly has an article in the first edition, which has just dropped. Subscribe here.

The week in the patriarchy

A zoo in the UK has hired a Marvin Gaye impersonator to serenade a group of endangered monkeys in the hope that they will ‘get along’ and maintain their numbers. “We thought this might be a creative way to encourage our females to show some affection to the males who might not have been so lucky in love,” park superintendent Matt Lovatt said. in a press release.


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