Australia’s Cyber ​​Security Audit Team (CAT) Signs Agreement with World’s Leading Password Manager LastPass


CAT is pleased to announce that it now offers LastPass to its customers, giving them access to a fully managed password management platform. This managed service will provide businesses with a higher level of support that was missing in Australia, providing customers with an enhanced and tangible password management solution that will add a vital layer of ‘defense in depth’ to our customers’ overall cybersecurity posture. .

“Incredibly, in 2022 poor password practice remains the number one reason most businesses are hacked. not yet enforced the use of a recognized password manager are vulnerable to costly data breaches.

Although some of our customers are already subscribed to a password manager, we found that adoption levels varied, not all platform features were used, and in some cases staff weren’t hadn’t been trained in the effective use of the password manager through both their professional and personal lives. Recognizing that our customers needed additional support in this area, it was easy to offer this managed service as an additional layer of protection for our customers.

With LastPass’ outstanding protection features, reasonable pricing, and reputation for industry leader among industry experts, LastPass was the smart choice.” said Damien SeatonManaging Director, Cyber ​​Audit Team.

Catherine RojasDirector of Partner Sales for APAC, LastPass, said: “We are delighted to be working with Cyber ​​Audit Team, one of Australia’s leading cybersecurity solution providers. This will help businesses of all sizes protect their sensitive data and minimize costly breaches.

As the password manager of choice for over 100,000 businesses worldwide, LastPass provides users with a secure way to generate, store, and manage their passwords and other sensitive data while allowing businesses to enforce password policies and control user access.

Improved security: The reality of business today is digital – more devices, applications, networks and even users in the business ecosystem, increasing the complexity of managing and protecting the user access. As companies and employees increase their digital footprint, there are more and more credentials that employees are expected to manage. This can take a toll on employee productivity, leading to even worse password hygiene. LastPass allows businesses to control who has access to each entry point to their business. Sensitive data is secured using single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication and its zero-knowledge security model.

Improved employee productivity: Reducing password lockouts and resets, as well as password friction, reduces employee frustration and saves valuable time for IT, employees, and the business, improving productivity. Teams can also quickly and securely share passwords and credentials through their LastPass Vault, maintaining security between teams and shared systems.

Total transparency and control: Administrators can use actionable insights to monitor employee password hygiene and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With over 100 configurable policies, LastPass allows administrators to adjust access requirements to strike the right balance between security and convenience.

Ease of deployment and administration: LastPass is simple to deploy, manage, and implement for internal and remote staff. LastPass automates essential procedures by allowing new applications to be provisioned instantly. Employees can also be onboarded and logged out quickly through integrations with identity providers such as Microsoft AD, Microsoft Azure, PingOne, PingFederate, and OneLogin.

LastPass provides businesses with a frictionless experience for employees while protecting access to corporate systems and confidential customer and company data.

About the cyber audit team:

The cat is a trusted Australian provider of “end-to-end” independent information and cybersecurity services and solutions. Partnership With businesses of all sizes across all industries, we seek to engage with our clients to demystify cybersecurity, bridge the gaps, and adopt familiar governance, risk, and compliance strategies. Our team of specialists and experts are is committed to collaboratively mitigating our customers’ exposure to risk while protecting their data, digital assets and brand reputation. For more information, visit


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