Bureau of Land Management Medford District revises public land closures as Rum Creek Fire activity declines | Top stories


GALICIA, Ore– Due to progress made by firefighters on the Rum Creek Fire, the Bureau of Land Management Grants Pass Field Office is reopening some areas of public land near the Rum Creek Fire.

The closure area is bounded to the north by the Rogue River and Lower Grave Creek Road, and to the south by Galice Road and Bear Camp Road. The western boundary extends to township 34S range 9 west and the eastern boundary extends to township 34 south range 6 west. Please see the attached map.

The Smullin Visitor Center in Rand will be open for permits and new permits for the wilderness section will be issued from Monday. Rocky Bar, Robert Dean, Chair and Rand Recreation locations remain closed at this time. The Rainie Falls National Recreation Trail (on the left of the river) remains closed. The Rogue River Trail (river on the right) is open. The Grave Creek boat ramp is not accessible from Galice Road.

In addition, security issues still exist. Ashes and dust from the fire may contain toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. Beware of fire-weakened trees and branches that may fall without warning. Leave the area if the wind picks up immediately. In wet weather, water or mud can cause landslides or flooding. Stump holes can stay hot long after the fire has gone out, and the footing can be unstable if the roots have burned underground. Hot spots always exist within the perimeter of the fire.

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