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Call for awareness after a fleet of motorhomes was spotted at a ‘forbidden’ site at a car park in Culloden Woods, run by Forestry and Land Scotland – evidence showed that a fire had been started and that they stayed the night


Action is being taken by those looking after Culloden Woods after a fleet of motorhomes has been spotted in its parking lot.

A nearby resident alerted the Inverness Courier that a number of motorhomes were in the parking lot early Tuesday morning. He suggested that there was evidence of a burning fire and it looked like they had been there overnight.

This prompted Forestry and Land Scotland, which manages the site, to urge locals to voice their concerns. He’s also asking an online blogger promoting Culloden Woods among wilderness campsites in Scotland to make changes.

The resident, who declined to be named, said the fleet left little parking for other people who use the woods for exercise and dog walking.

A spokesperson for Forestry and Land Scotland said: ‘With holidays being the preferred holiday option this year, we expect an increase in the number of visitors at all levels, including those with motorhomes and motorhomes.

“In an effort to alleviate the pressures this could place on many communities, we are showcasing a small number of our parking lots in a ‘Stay the Night’ essay, which tests the viability of letting motorhomes stay overnight on sites that we manage. However, Culloden is not one of the participating sites and we encourage anyone with concerns about RV stays to contact us directly at surveys.north@forestryandland.gov.scot

“Our rangers patrol Culloden Woods regularly, and we are aware of concerns about the fires there, and are working with the local Scottish Fire and Rescue team to resolve the issue.”

He added that there was no “no overnight” sign at Culloden Woods this week as it changes its signage.

“There are other issues to deal with in Culloden, so we are changing the signage to maximize the likely number of people seeing them,” he said.

“Too many signs and messages get lost, one sign all the time and people stop seeing it.

“We will have the ‘no nights’ signs in place for this weekend.

“We also contacted a blogger who had falsely promoted this site as a place to stay, as well as three other of our parking lots that are not part of the Stay the Night trial, and she agreed to edit her blog.”

The Highland Council recognizes the significant increase in mobile vacations and is working with landowners to help create “areas”, temporary stopover sites for mobile homes.

Council Tourism Committee Chairman Gordon Adam said: ‘The demand for motorhome travel has intensified during the pandemic and as a result the Highlands are seeing a significant increase in the number of motorhome visitors. and motorhomes. We urge them to book and plan ahead if possible.

Council communities and site committee chair Alan Henderson said its visitor management plan created a landowner guide to help create temporary RV stops. This allows the temporary use of suitable locations without the need for a formal building permit.

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