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Citrix Secure Private Access provides zero-trust access to applications and data


Today’s employees expect the freedom to choose where and how they work, as well as a smooth and productive experience. IT is about to make it happen, while keeping things safe. It is a tall order to complete. And Citrix Systems is expanding its secure access solutions to achieve this.

The company launched Citrix Secure Private Access, a new cloud-delivered Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service that protects access to applications and data from managed, unmanaged, and Bring-Your-Own (BYO) devices. ), allowing employees to work the way they want, securely, reliably and productively, wherever they are.

Today, what employees want more than anything is a simple experience and technology that works, without hampering or slowing down their experience, ”said Kyle Davies, Practice Leader, Integrated Technology Architecture, CDW.

IT wants to adapt to what users want, but traditional solutions make it difficult.

“In today’s dynamic business environments, solutions designed to defend static perimeters fail to protect critical assets and deliver a good end-user experience,” said John Grady, Business Analyst. cybersecurity at the independent research firm ESG. “Cloud-delivered zero-trust network access solutions can improve performance by pushing the application to the edge, increase efficiency with centralized policy management, and ultimately improve security through incorporation of zero trust principles. “

This is exactly what Citrix Secure Private Access is designed to do.

Enable secure and productive hybrid work

Leveraging new adaptive authentication and access policies in conjunction with security controls including watermark, clipboard access prevention, keylogger protection, and keylogger capture malware screen and browser isolation, Citrix Secure Private Access provides simple, contextual access to all the apps and data employees need to perform their best consistently and reliably. By using the service, IT can:

  • Provide access to users based on the principles of zero trust least privilege access
  • Enable security controls to allow flexibility and choice of devices used to perform the job
  • Support for all types of access and work scenarios
  • Keep access to all types of applications, including TCP, browser-based and VDI, unified secure in multi-cloud environments

And they can do it in a way that’s completely transparent to employees, allowing them to work without complexity or distractions with the confidence that their information and devices are safe.

Improve the employee experience

They can also eliminate the friction and work frustration caused by everything from the need for employees to manage multiple connections and install multiple endpoint agents, to restrictions on what devices they can use and locations from. which they can connect to by providing instant and transparent access to applications using native browsers or by using an agent on any device.

“With Citrix, we have found a way to reduce noise in the modern work environment to provide a better experience for employees, while making remote work secure,” said Gilliard Delmiro, CTO of the company. HDI international insurance. “And we are committed to improving productivity and employee satisfaction in the future. “

Move to zero trust and modern IT

Citrix Secure Private Access is also uniquely designed to enable the modern, zero-trust approach to securing applications that remote working environments demand because it:

  • Adaptively grants least privileged access based on user behaviors and access patterns
  • Continuously monitors and evaluates user activities and automates security controls based on detected anomalies
  • Provides unified management and a distributed application throughout the environment

Citrix Secure Private Access is the latest addition to Citrix’s secure access portfolio, which, when used with Citrix Secure Internet Access, Citrix SD-WAN, and Citrix Web App and API Protection, provide a unified approach and complete application and data security. while improving the employee experience and simplifying operations.

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