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Nagpur: Sachin Salankar (36), who was away for his younger brother’s wedding in the city of Nagpur earlier in the day, lost valuables worth Rs 2.36 lakh after thieves entered in his Santaji society house, Manish Nagar.
This isn’t the only example of thieves breaking into a townhouse during the day and running off with valuables. Anticipating such crimes, citizens are now hiring private guards to prevent thefts.
Anil Shrivastav, whose son got married recently, hired 24-hour private security guards. Soaring crime rates, especially burglary, forced him to spend Rs 2,000 a day for five days.
The general opinion of private security guards is that with the increase in daylight theft, the demand for private security among residents is driving the rise of private security agencies.
Ajeet Singh, founding director of a private security agency, said, “Along with business houses, more and more people in Nagpur are now hiring private security guards to compensate for thefts and burglaries.” Singh added, “We get calls to deploy guards, especially during weddings.”
Previously, only housing companies employed security guards. But now the people of Nagpur also hire security guards for day and night duties.
Kunal Mandawkar had also hired a security guard for a day for his daughter’s wedding. According to him, private security guards are playing a bigger role in the city.
Residents, however, said the frequency of visits by PCR vans should also be increased, especially during the night.
Singh said people living in buildings and settlements should pool their resources to hire alert security guards. “CCTV cameras can help detect crimes, but they cannot prevent crimes like burglary,” he said. But hiring a security guard can prevent thefts, said Santosh Marpelwar, representing another private security firm.
For regular deployment, private security guards can be hired for a monthly payment of Rs30,000. But many need to hire them for a short period like a few hours, eight hours or for a day. Private security agencies charge between Rs 800 and Rs 1,500 for eight hours of service.
However, the municipal police advised citizens to be careful when hiring a private guard. Cops also called on citizens leaving town to notify their neighbors, so they can watch for suspicious activity, which will help prevent thefts.

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