CMS Info Systems Ltd. wins Best in Future of Trust award at IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2021, India for CMS security application ALGO ATM


CMS Info Systems (CMS), India’s largest cash management company (Source: Frost & Sullivan) based on number of ATM points and number of retail outlets as of fiscal year 2021, won the Best in Future of Trust award at the IDC Future Enterprise Awards 2021, India for its CMS ALGO ATM OTC application.

The IDC Future Enterprise Awards are designed to showcase successful digital innovation projects and initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region in different categories. The CMS Info System Digital Transformation Project was selected as one of the country / India level winners from applications received from end user organizations in participating countries.

CMS ALGO is a mobility-based ATM security activation software application to prevent unauthorized access to the ATM safe while controlling access during cash replenishment or maintenance services. It provides E2E password management through facial recognition and geo-tag-based validation. It has been implemented across all CMS Info Systems activities and currently provides secure access to over 35,000 ATMs across India as of March 2021.

CMS ALGO enables banks to implement RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines on OTC lock activation by providing geofencing and GPS enabled, user facial recognition, credential authentication ‘identification and OTC code generation software.

Mr. Rajiv Kaul, Executive Vice President, General Manager and Full Time Director of CMS Info Systems Ltd., said: “CMS ALGO is a classic example of our digital transformation strategy. In the fintech arena, the implementation of CMS ALGO aims to enable banks to reduce high risk and liability. It supports a wide range of stakeholders, customers and internal teams to help them streamline their efforts in real time, increase productivity and improve trust.

To increase economies of scale for ATM operations, CMS leverages the technology with platforms such as CMS Algo (OTC), CMS Connect (ATM and field operations) and CMS Agile (reconnaissance management). These systems monitor and track the allocation of resources across their business, helping them minimize duplication of effort and resources and improve operational efficiency.


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