College Republicans receive $3,600 ‘security’ bill from Ivy League school for online event


Dartmouth College reportedly demanded College Republicans (CR) pay a $3,600 “security fee” after a January 20 event went live due to security concerns.

The January 20 event, organized by CRs, Turning Point USA and the Network of Enlightened Women, was to host conservative journalist Andy Ngo, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). The college is said to have forced the event to move online due to unspecified security concerns raised by the Hannover Police Department.

There have been reports of protests planned by Dartmouth Anarchists, an anonymous group on campus, and Northeast Antifa, Just the News reported. The department posted recordings of disturbing messages on Reddit with calls to “destroy” students’ “livelihoods”, then later told FIRE they were not recommending the college take action.

In an April 18 letter, FIRE told Dartmouth they were “stunned” by the fees imposed on the club which “infringe on the rights of expression and association” of students. (RELATED: Public University Imposes High Security Fees on Academic Republicans to Host Milo)

“Forcing the group to bear these security costs – based on the disruption of no-fault College Republican critics – and refusing to fund future College Republican events until these exorbitant fees are paid, violates the expressive and associative rights which Dartmouth promises its students,” the letter read. “Dartmouth must immediately reverse the security fee it imposed on College Republicans and allow them to apply for funding to hold future events.”

The college doubled down in a March 7 letter to FIRE, confirming its commitment to security issues and arguing that its decision defends freedom of expression.

“The safety of members of the Dartmouth community and those visiting our campus is of the utmost importance,” the school said. “We are therefore delighted that the College Republicans were able to hold the Andy Ngo event safely and without harm to anyone on our campus. Contrary to what you say, this is an outcome that values ​​and defends freedom of expression and the safety of our community.

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