Dal Lake shoreline to get massive facelift: LC&MA


Dal Lake shoreline to get massive facelift: LC&MA

Parks to be developed, fountains will be installed at the highlights

posted on June 05, 2022 | Author Irfan A Mir

Srinagar, 04 June: Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LC&MA) officials said on Saturday that the shoreline of Dal Lake will undergo a massive facelift in the coming days, in which “undeveloped” parks adjacent to the lake would be developed while fountains at the highlights would be installed for the attraction of visitor attendance.

Along with other measures regarding the revamping of Dal Lake and its beauty, several projects are under consideration through which the famous Dal Lake will get a massive facelift, an official said.

Desiring anonymity, the official said the Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LC&MA) was considering developing “undeveloped” parks adjacent to the shoreline of the boulevard.

He said that all initiatives will be taken in the coming months and that construction or restoration works will be carried out within the parameters of the law.

“As there are restrictions on any construction work in the vicinity of Dal Lake keeping in mind its conservation, all development stages would be taken within the law,” the official added.

The official, while giving details, said that several points in this regard had been identified beyond Nishat Garden, which would be addressed in the near future.

“The main objective of these development projects is to pave the way for more outward visitors and tourists, which will help strengthen the tourism sector and open doors for livelihood opportunities,” he said. added.

According to an official, the LC&MA is also working on the aeration of the lake and the installation of fountains for a complete restructuring of the section. He said officials had identified six locations where fountains would be installed.

“From Dalgate to the NPL Bund, we have identified six locations where fountains need to be installed,” he said and added, “More fountains would be installed in incremental phases at locations that demonstrate adequate visitor traffic” .

“The work has already been awarded. You will soon see visible progress in this regard,” the official assured.

Relevantly, the authorities of Jammu and Kashmir have already undertaken massive development projects regarding Dal Lake, including the development of inland areas of Dal which would be developed into ecotourism hamlets. Among 58 hamlets, 6 localities have been identified to date which will be transformed into eco-tourist hamlets soon.


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