Doja Cat rejoices in the beauty of Zayn Malik’s face


Zayn Malik has millions of fans, and now we know that one of them is Cat Doja. The singer loves going live on her social media platforms, and a few days ago she thought the A direction the singer was one of the people watching her. Once Doja realized it wasn’t Malik, she started asking questions about the condition of his facial hair before completely fangirling his handsome face, “Has Zayn ever had a beard?” She asked herself as well as more than 10,000 viewers. Doja then found pictures of Malik and if she took a look at her Instagram, her most recent photo is of his beard in all its glory.

© Zayn Malik

Doja seems to like facial hair because she had a lot of questions about his beard. “Oh, he has a beard. I wonder if he’s grown a lot. You know? “Doja said before reveling in her appearance.” Oh, what a beautiful face. It’s a good face. GORGEOUS, “she exclaimed before taking a deep breath,” Wow, Zayn is beautiful. . Good face, “Doja added. Now there are thousands of people” pushing the Zayn and Doja agenda, “as one fan wrote on Twitter.

Doja and Malik are both single with controversies in their past, so it could be a made-in-Hollywood match if they ever find love. Dojo’s last official boyfriend was freelance artist Johnny Utah, and they reportedly broke up in February 2020. As for Malik, he had a very public breakup with the mother of his child, Gigi Hadid following an alleged physical confrontation with her mother Yolanda on September 29. . The whole story is messy, and in the end, Malik was charged with 4 counts of harassment that he does not dispute.

According to TMZ, Zayn has been charged with allegedly berating Yolanda and pushing her into a dresser, which he denies. The “Pillowtalk” singer was also accused of harassing Gigi, who was in Paris at the time of the incident. Additionally, he was accused of harassing the security guard after allegedly challenging him to fight. After Malik’s plea, he was fined and ordered to take anger management classes.

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