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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday he had credible information that his life was in danger, but he is not afraid and will continue his fight for an independent and democratic Pakistan, ARY News reported.

In an exclusive interview with ARY News, the prime minister said he knew not only was his life in danger, but that the opposition, which is playing into foreign hands, would also resort to defaming him.

“Let me inform my nation that my life is also in danger, they have also planned my defamation. Not only myself but my wife as well,” the prime minister said.

The three options

Responding to a question about the options the opposition was giving him, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he didn’t think he should talk to the likes of Shehbaz Sharif, but yes, the ‘establishment’ gave him three options, namely the vote of no confidence, early elections or resignation. like PM.

“Resignation is out of the question, early elections are a better option,” the prime minister said.

He said he would let the vote of no confidence pass whether he wins or loses because he wants the nation to see the faces of the people who conspired against their own country.

“If we survive (the vote of no confidence) of course we cannot work with these defectors (who left the PTI to join the opposition), early elections are the best option, I will urge my nation to give me simple majority so that I won’t have to compromise,” the PM said.

“Regime Change Threat”

Calling the opposition no-confidence motion a conspiracy, the PM said he had been aware since August last year and had information that some opposition leaders were visiting embassies .

“People like Husain Haqqani were meeting Nawaz Sharif in London,” Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

He was of the view that the PML-N and the PPP have brought such shame to our country that foreign powers are openly calling for regime change in Pakistan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan repeated what he said in a televised address to the nation on March 31 that a foreign country not only expressed disapproval of his post as prime minister and demanded that to be ousted by a vote of no confidence so that Pakistan would be ‘forgiven’.

He argued that the foreign country opposed his independent foreign policy.

“It’s an alarming situation, why the hell have we sunk so low that foreign countries are openly threatening us,” the prime minister said.

He argued that the “threat note” not only demanded regime change, but made it clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan should be removed from office.

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