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There are many threats to avoid in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breachbut Vanny is the deadliest and most mysterious, and she and Vanessa may be one and the same. Five nights at Freddy’s Usually features animatronic enemies, but Vanny is an enigma and one of two human enemies in the game. Security BreachWith a consistent story, discerning players may notice that Vanessa and Vanny never appear in the same place and share many similarities. Many pieces of evidence found in the game and in the game files suggest that Vanny and Vanessa are the same person, although the circumstances of their shared body are quite disturbing and connect to previous ones. FNAF securities.


FNAF: security breach is the first AAA free-roam FNAF game that allows players to explore a huge ‘Pizzaplex’ built on one of the old locations in the series. Players control Gregory, a homeless child who stayed in the building after closing time to find food and shelter. Like most Five nights at Freddy’s games, killer animatronics soon chase the player all over the pizzeria. However, the greatest threat in FNAF: security breach is not one of Freddy’s bandmates; he is a strange bunny named Vanny who can avoid detection by animatronics. Vanny’s presence plagues the player’s screen with static as she gets closer, hinting at a deeper meaning behind her existence. Fortunately, FNAF: security breach provides several compelling pieces of evidence to confirm their identity.

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Although there is plenty of evidence to support that Vanny is Vanessa, a FNAF: security breach the ending blows a big hole in the theory. In the unmasked ending, Gregory removes Vanny’s head to reveal a blonde woman who resembles Vanessa, only to have the security guard walk behind him in confusion. Although the game has multiple endings, the true ending involves players collecting the three animatronic upgrades and descending into the old pizzeria below the Pizzaplex.

FNAF: Security Breach emails and audio files have grim implications

FNAF Security Breach Vanny

Unlike the previous Five nights at Freddy’s games, players can search for collectibles and additional knowledge hidden on the map. Plushies, audio tapes, and emails are all available on the map, and some include compelling evidence that Vanessa is Vanny. For example, several emails highlight Vanessa’s interest in bunnies, as she requests a bunny-themed cake for her birthday. Also, orders placed from Vanessa’s computer suggest that she is buying fur for a fur suit. Players who access FNAF: security breachThe security doors of can collect Vanessa’s therapy sessions throughout the Pizzaplex and further prove that Vanny and Vanessa are the same person. According to various specialists, Vanessa suffers from anxiety, depression, and trauma that she has compartmentalized, which can leave her vulnerable to manipulation. The prognosis for her vulnerability is particularly ominous, as collectibles reveal that Vanessa could be an Afton.

Several emails and messages signed by Vanessa feature the letter “A” as the first initial of her last name, which is extremely important in the FNAF community. If Vanessa is an Afton, that would determine the Night Watchman is related to William Afton, FNAFThe main antagonist of and current resident of the Springtrap suit. Although William Afton seemed to die in the not so scary FNAF pizzeria simulator game, a vestige of him survived as Glitchtrap and was corrupted FNAF VR: Help Wanted Game.

Vanessa was FNAF VR: Help Wanted’s doomed protagonist

FNAF Security Breach Vanessa

Unbeknownst to some, Vanessa was the player character of Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, where players explored first-person horror levels with each animatronic. While the episodes seemed disjointed at first, a bunny specter known as Glitchtrap began to appear in the background. As players progressed, Glitchtrap gained more influence over the VR world and the player character, resulting in corruption similar to Vanny’s. If Vanessa is truly an Afton, it makes sense that her father’s remains are looking for a family connection to carry out his plans, especially someone involved with the Fazbear Entertainment company.

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Glitchtrap’s corruption of Vanessa also supports the theory that the security guard is unaware of her actions because FNAF: security breachVanny’s character, given her concern for Gregory as he chases him throughout the game. Instead of immediately killing Gregory, Vanessa drops him off in the Lost and Found area and calls the police to help find his parents or find another solution. If Vanessa inherited from her father in this universe and is responsible for the disappearances in the Pizzaplex, why wouldn’t she have killed Gregory immediately and dumped his body? If Vanessa and Vanny are the same person, chances are the former is unaware of her actions and has succumbed to Glitchtrap’s manipulation.

FNAF: Security Breach Data Files Support Vanny/Vanessa Theory

Although in-game evidence provides the most substantial proof, further proof of Vanny and Vanessa’s joint identity can be found in the game files. shattered’ to change her appearance and abilities after her boss fight. This results in appearances like an aggressive, eyeless Roxy who cries instead of taunts. FNAF SSecurity BreachRoxy, Monty, and Chica have broken variants that dictate their looks, but Vanessa also has a broken variant. According to a post on the FNAF subreddit by user GBAura-Recharged, the broken variant of Vanessa is listed as Vanny. Since Vanessa and Vanny never appear simultaneously (except in the non-canon ending), it’s possible the two characters are identical.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach removed many voice lines and mechanics, likely affecting the overall quality of the game. However, players can access some of these features with debug mode, including a Vanny Meter that fills up over time. If Vanessa is still roaming the Pizzaplex when the game’s unused Vanny Meter is activated, players can see her character model transform into Vanny when the meter fills up. This mechanic could have probably served as a way to introduce more time constraints for players or keep track of Vanny, but it confirms that during FNAF: Ssecurity breach development, these two characters likely shared an identity.

Whether Vanny is Vanessa will probably never be confirmed, because the Five nights at Freddy’s has a habit of leaving many questions unanswered. Luckily, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of evidence in-game and in game files to suggest that Vanny and Vanessa are the same person. It’s unclear how their mental breakdown happened and whether Vanessa is in control of her actions, but whether the FNAF franchise continues, Scott Cawthon may expand on the subject in the future. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is now available for PlayStation and PC.

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Source: Reddit/GBaura-Recharged

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