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HarmonyOS gallery app bug annoys Huawei phone users


Huawei Gallery is one of the most interesting things that every person should visit on a daily basis to refresh their memory. HarmonyOS Gallery is an offline photo gallery. You can use it to edit, search and manage photos without connecting to the internet. But recently some users encountered a bug in HarmonyOS Gallery.

According to information from users, while using HarmonyOS gallery to play album video, user always gets stuck and then shows no response. Overall not a good user experience! If the most common characteristic is to give such an unusual experience, how does that work? In such circumstances, users may be permanently deprived of images or videos.

In response to this HarmonyOS gallery bug thread, some users suggested to restore the default settings. It is recommended to regularly wipe the frequently used phone data and storage space through Phone Manager, which can improve the smoothness of the phone operation, and then try to restart the phone.

To clear phone data and storage space, open Phone Manager or Optimizer, then click Clear, select the data you want to delete and delete it. Restart your phone after cleaning for management purposes only.

Apart from that, you can also follow the fixed step below

  • Open settings
  • Application management
  • Search in the gallery
  • Click on storage
  • Empty the cache
  • Delete data
  • Reopen it

(Source: Huawei)