HL Mando and Argus Cyber ​​Security join forces to protect safety-critical automotive systems


HL Mando and Argus sign a partnership memorandum of understanding

The new partnership with Argus will enable HL Mando to strengthen its cybersecurity capabilities and comply with new global automotive regulations and standards.

HL Mando’s safety-critical systems protected by Argus will enable regulatory compliance while allowing OEMs, and ultimately its customers, to rest assured that their vehicles will operate safely.

— Mr. Seonghyun Cho, Chairman, HL Mando

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — H. L. Mandothe world’s leading supplier of automotive systems, and Argus Cyber ​​Securitya global leader in cybersecurity products and services for mobility platforms, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance HL Mando’s cybersecurity capabilities.

By partnering with Argus, HL Mando will be able to comply with new international automotive cybersecurity regulations that require all industry vendors to meet performance and audit requirements.

HL Mando, established in 1962, is a global Tier 1 supplier of automotive safety-critical systems such as brakes, steering and suspension to over 60 companies, including all nine major OEMs. Moving towards autonomous driving and connected vehicles, HL Mando is now extending its technology domain to integrated chassis systems and prognostic health monitoring, as well as applying cybersecurity to its systems via connectivity.

The partnership between the companies will strengthen HL Mando’s cybersecurity capabilities, helping to protect vehicles against cyberattacks and ensure compliance with new global automotive regulations and standards. These capabilities will be key to advancing the development of autonomous driving, electric and connected vehicles.

Mr. Seonghyun Cho, President of HL Mando, said, “This partnership is part of HL Mando’s vision to help the automotive industry advance CASE megatrends with better safety and security. With HL Mando’s safety-critical systems protected by Argus cybersecurity solutions, we can not only comply with cybersecurity regulations, but also enable OEMs, and ultimately their customers, to to be assured that their vehicles will operate safely.

Argus brings its specialized knowledge in the field of the automobile acquired during multiple cyber projects with the main OEMs around the world. By deploying Argus’ ECU protection and vehicle vulnerability management technologies, HL Mando will be able to improve the security of its complex and critical systems, as well as those of its subsidiaries, such as HL Klemove. In addition, Argus will provide HL Mando with consulting and engineering services, including threat analysis and risk assessment (TARA) and cybersecurity testing, which are essential to meet compliance requirements.

Ronen Smoly, CEO of Argus, added, “Argus is honored to have been selected by HL Mando as their cybersecurity partner, and we look forward to partnering with HL Mando to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities to protect vehicles and to comply with new automotive regulations and This partnership brings together the best of both worlds – the distinguished quality of HL Mando’s automotive systems and our industry-leading cybersecurity solutions – and will enable automakers to provide consumers with the best better when it comes to high-end, safe and secure vehicles. .”

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