“It’s an absolute disgrace!” Steve Morison fumes as Cardiff City doctor abused and Sheffield Utd security called


A furious Steve Morison has called a fan’s behavior ‘absolute disgrace’ after claiming despicable abuse was hurled at the 65-year-old Cardiff City club doctor during the game with Sheffield United.

During the first half of the game with the Blades, Morison and his assistant Mark Hudson were seen talking to a member of Bramall Lane security after Bluebirds wingback Cody Drameh had just received treatment for a knee injury by Len Nokes, the club’s chief medical officer. officer.

Members of the Bluebirds coaching staff picked a supporter from the crowd, but it was difficult to determine the root cause of the problem. However, after the match, which they lost 1-0, Morison alleged that what the supporter was shouting at Dr Nokes was unacceptable.

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“It’s amazing how some people are allowed to talk to you and to someone like Len Nokes, who’s been at this club for about 30 years. Someone talks to him like that? Obviously I can’t say what they said to him. but it just shows complete disrespect,” he said after the game.

“When asked to fix it, because you can see the culprit, nothing is done. ‘Oh, we spoke to him’, well, he continued for the rest of the game. Imagine that I I said that? I think it’s an absolute disgrace.

“But that’s what it is and that’s football. You have the right to tell us what you want but we can’t say anything because we are the professionals. It’s an absolute shame what they told him. An absolute disgrace.

“They heard it, everyone knows who it was, but it was cleared. Maybe I should have said it was racist because then they would have gone and done something. But it was a absolute shame, he’s an old man, a doctor, taking care of a player on the pitch. And they talk to him like that? Totally wrong.

“And when they know who it is and they let it go on and sit there for the rest of the game, because it’s easier to do that, and we wonder why we have problems in the world. It’s a shame.”

Cardiff suffered their third straight league defeat on Saturday afternoon after Iliman Ndiaye scored the only goal in a hard-fought game.

But Morison was encouraged by his players’ performance in Yorkshire, saying the encounter was an overall positive experience for a side in transition.

“Nothing negative coming from me today,” he added. “It was excellent from our lads. We have limited a top team to their minimum shots this season at Bramall Lane.

“We had as many chances as them, we could easily have been ahead. We could have been level or come away with something, but we didn’t.

“We are a team in transition. I’m really proud of that. [performance]. I think we played very well, it’s just that they took one of their five chances and we didn’t take one of ours, so I’m frustrated from that point of view. But they are a top team and are fighting for the play-offs.

“You could see their reaction after the game, they desperately wanted this game to end. I really enjoyed standing there and watching the players do what we asked them to do.

“The changes at half-time maybe killed us a bit, because people weren’t in the game where the others were. In the end, maybe it cost us in the end.

“We were on average 23 when we left this football ground today, but it shows exactly where we are. There was a £2million transfer fee [on the pitch for Cardiff], while they have over £30million. So it’s something our football club can be proud of.”


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