‘It’s the Mike Tyson in me’ – Royal Stoke vaunting patient bites security guard


An agitated Joseph Reynolds bit a hospital security guard – and then bragged to police: ‘It’s the Mike Tyson in me’.

The 35-year-old was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital after suffering a suspected overdose.

He asked out for a vape but was told he would be moving. He became agitated and punched a security guard in the jaw and face before biting his arm.

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And then he made the Mike Tyson comment to the police. It was a reference to the former world heavyweight boxing champion who bit his opponent Evander Holyfield during a fight in 1997.

Now Reynolds has been given a 12-month community order and is to pay his victim £250 compensation to the North Staffordshire Justice Centre.

Prosecutor Emma Thompson said the defendant was taken to hospital at 10.30pm on November 21 on suspicion that he had overdosed.

“He was waiting in the resuscitation area and due to Covid concerns and potential transmissions he was not supposed to do this. Security was called to ensure he remained in his room,” said Miss Thompson.

“A security guard came to lend a hand. The accused asked if he could go outside to vape. He was told after 10 minutes that he was going to be moved to another room. became aggressive and s approached the guard’s face and said, ‘Let go of me.’ He got into a fighting stance and said, ‘Go fight.’

“The officer told him to stop. He said, ‘Should I call for further help if you don’t calm down’?

“The accused said, ‘Yes.’

“Reynolds bit the officer in the left arm, through his jacket, causing immediate discomfort and pain. He continued to be aggressive.

A close-up of Evander Holyfield’s ear after Mike Tyson bit him

“The police attended. The defendant said, ‘I punched him in the eye and bit him. He’s the Mike Tyson in me.'”

During his interview with the police, the accused stated that he had taken valium and alcohol.

The victim was left with a cut lip and a bite mark on his arm.

Reynolds, of Lakewood Grove, Etruria, pleaded guilty to assault by battery.

Mitigating Colin Drew said it was a “total and utter aberration” for the defendant, who has no previous convictions.

He told the court: “There is no excuse for his conduct. When the incident happened he was under the influence of alcohol and valium. I don’t know if it was a call for help He appears to be a very lonely individual.

“Ironically, he himself was a security guard and he himself was assaulted.

“Why did he do this? He can’t really explain other than he felt upset. If he had been released to go vaping, this might not have happened.

“His remarks on the way to the police station were unfortunate.

“He really feels remorse for what happened.”

As part of the community order, Reynolds must complete a 20-day rehabilitative activity requirement, 12 months of mental health treatment and 150 hours of unpaid work.

He also has to pay an extra £95.


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