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JCPenney Fashion Field Day | Kid friendly event in Houston, TX


Fashion Field Day InformationWelcome Moment: Upon entering the Field Day, guests will be greeted with an Instagram-worthy balloon arch. Maze: Participants will have the opportunity to navigate their way through this branded 3D maze within a set amount of time to boast the best time. obstacle course compliant. Walk through the pool noodle forest, slip into the hopscotch yard, and finish with the tunnel. Track and Obstacle Course: A track and a basketball court, all in one! Around the perimeter, a multi-lane track will host a series of Field Day activities. Think about team relay races. Inside, a basketball hoop feature featuring hoops placed at different levels will provide each guest with a Shaq-sized slam dunk experience. designated duration. Product displays: what better way to discover a brand than through play! Explore a unique and FUN product display using a jungle gym to showcase the Tik Tok Booth collection: Get ready to strut your stuff in a one-of-a-kind TikTok experience, with a backdrop , a passage space and a video capture. Come in, show off your moves and share your fun! * All activities are ADA compliant

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