Jos market security guard shot dead, police arrest 7


A security guard, Muhammad Kabiru, was found shot dead at Kasuwan Dare Market, a section of the state-of-the-art Jos Market in the early hours of Saturday.

Market management said the deceased, who was a market security guard, was killed at midnight at his place of work after his body was found near the market.

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Kasuwan Dare Market Chairman, Alhaji Jamilu Kabiru, speaking to the Daily Trust about the incident, said: “Our security officer, one of the strongest and most trusted, has been found killed in the market.

“I was called by a colleague of mine on Sunday morning to view the corpse. It is truly a very big and very big loss. We have reported the case to the police.

He said the deceased had worked as a security guard in the market for 15 years and they had never had a problem with him.

Plateau State Police Command spokesman DSP Alfred Alabo, while confirming the incident, said seven suspects had been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation into the murder.

Alabo said: “The DPO in the region has started working on the case. Due to the nature of the case, seven suspects have been arrested. The investigation is continuing. We are above the situation.


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