LBJ student asked security guard to flush marijuana down the toilet


An LBJ High School student caught with a bag of marijuana in the restroom told a security guard to “please” flush it down the restroom, according to the UISD Police Department.

Paulino Diaz Jr., 17, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. He was later released on bail, according to Webb County Jail records.

Around 8:40 a.m. Thursday, UISD officers responded to the main hallway restroom. A strong smell of marijuana emanated from the man’s restroom, authorities said. An officer walked into the restroom where a security guard gave him a bag containing 0.2 ounces of marijuana. The security guard said he entered the men’s restroom after smelling the smell of marijuana coming from inside.

He saw several students and told them to stand against the wall for safety. The security guard then heard several students flushing the toilets. He told the students inside the stalls to come out and leave the doors open.

“It was then that a student correctly identified as Paulino Diaz Jr. … handed (to the security guard) the clear plastic bag containing the green leafy substance believed to be marijuana and asked ( to the security guard) to dispose of the marijuana by flushing it down the toilet,” the affidavit reads.

This isn’t Diaz’s first encounter with the authorities.

On December 15, the Texas Department of Public Safety arrested Diaz while he was observed coordinating and guiding several vehicles loaded with migrants into a trailer in the 14600 block of Archer Drive, according to an affidavit from arrest.

Authorities approached the caravan and discovered 82 men and 18 women who had crossed the border illegally. Diaz was arrested and charged with human trafficking, likelihood of serious bodily harm or death for this case.


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