LISD Holds Active Shooting Exercise Ahead of New School Year


LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) – It’s been nearly two months since the shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde.

Since that tragedy, many school districts and businesses have held safety and active-fire drills.

With the first day of school just weeks away, school safety is on everyone’s mind.

LISD Chief Constable Doreen Hale said: ‘This is a very tragic and sad situation, but it should be an eye opener for all law enforcement agencies and sadly we have to look at any mistakes and learn from them.”

Laredo ISD held its summer active fire exercise.

During the drill, an officer posed as an intruder who managed to get inside the school and shoot a security guard, the administration then calls the district dispatcher.

When officers arrived at the school, the injured guard managed to guide officers to the location of the assailant.

In the script, the agents managed to capture the attacker inside the school.

This is the first active fire exercise LISD is conducting before the school year; however, they plan to have a few more in September and get students involved.

The district plans to bring in its drama students to help recreate a situation as close to reality as possible.

They also plan to continue training their administrators and staff in campus safety.

LISD’s Executive Director for Health and Safety, Oscar Perez, says, “We will develop plans to include school members and put them into practice. Again, in addition to the reunification plan, we plan to take some students and staff to the Sames arena as part of our reunification plan. All of these plans need to be in place and we already have the plans we just need to train and practice.

Metal detectors and security guards will continue to be in place at all LISD campuses.

The district also continues to adhere to Texas Education Agency safety audits and Texas School Safety Center standard response protocols to enforce an immediate lockdown when needed in their schools.

LISD is about to put its reunification plan into practice, a plan that brings parents and students together after a mass shooting.

It is not yet known when this training will take place.

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