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Man convicted of killing 3 women and assaulting 4th sentenced to 160 years in prison


An Essex County man has been sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for murdering three women and assaulting another.

Judge Mark Ali told the court that everything presented in the case shows that Khalil Wheeler-Weaver shows no signs of rehabilitation. Ali then sentenced the 25-year-old to 160 years in prison.

Wheeler-Weaver killed Sara Butler, Joann Brown, and Robin West in 2016. He also attacked Tiffany Taylor, but she was able to escape. The families of the victims spoke at the sentencing hearing on Wednesday.

“My last communication with [Robin] was texting and we were saying we love each other. And in two days, she was no longer in the land of the living, ”said Anita Mason, Robin West’s mother.

“Sarah was nice. Show him no mercy like he showed no mercy to the victims, ”said Laverne Butler, Sara Butler’s mother. “He deserves the maximum sentence. “

Wheeler-Weaver has always denied harming women. He said he was set up by police and prosecutors. But it seems like a hard story to believe after Tiffany Taylor speaks at the hearing.

“It makes me feel like he doesn’t have any type of remorse about it. As if he hadn’t shed a tear about what he had done. And I’m over 100% sure it was him. He told me who he was, ”Taylor said.

Wheeler-Weaver is from Orange. In 2016, he was working as a security guard with the intention of becoming a police officer.

The Essex County District Attorney said Wheeler-Weaver arranged to meet the women for sex and then attacked them. The women were drugged and tied with duct tape, according to the prosecutor.

“With today’s conviction, we expect him to never walk the streets of Earth again,” Essex County Acting District Attorney Theodore Stephens said.

The prosecutor’s office says it is investigating whether there are more victims there. Wheeler-Weaver will need to provide a DNA sample to aid in any future investigation.

Lawyers for Wheeler-Weaver have announced their intention to appeal.

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