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Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine recently slammed a security guard at a concert in Nashville, USA for what he saw as interference on the show.

Anyone who’s been to a Megadeth show is no stranger to a good old-fashioned mosh pit, but security working at a recent gig in Nashville was seen intervening by scaling the barricade and pointing members of the public to stop.

Mustaine decided he didn’t care and called him directly. He took the mic saying, “Hey, Mr. Security. You there. Stop interfering with our show. OK? You don’t have to stand on the fucking barricade and point fingers at people. Everyone is having fun. »

The crowd cheered and cheered in agreement, before Mustaine gave them a final warning: ‘Calm down or I’ll ask you out of the pit. Do you understand me? Do we have a fucking understanding here? Don’t start over.

Mustaine then addressed the fans, stating, “I’m sorry, you guys. I just don’t want your show being screwed up by a bunch of fucking people who don’t know why they’re here.

After the event, the group jumps directly into the track, wolf. You can watch fan-filmed video of the altercation below:

The leader is known for speaking his mind and not shy away from being bold and controversial. At a previous gig in April, Mustaine admitted to urinating on the White House bathroom floor, and apparently he felt he absolutely had to.

Megadeth is currently on tour with Lamb Of God and if you want to get in on the action (and there never seems to be a dull moment), tickets are available here.


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