MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev ‘was rushed to hospital after being shot in the chest during a dispute with a security guard’


MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev was reportedly shot dead during an altercation at a fitness center in Moscow.

According to Russian media outlet Tass, the Kazakh middleweight was involved in a “conflict with a security guard” at a gymnasium.


MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev reportedly shot dead in gymnasium altercation

And the incident allegedly led to the death of Dyusembaev SHOOT in the chest.

A police statement to Tass read: “The day before, along Ordzhonikidze Street, house 10a, during a conflict with a security guard at a fitness club, MMA fighter Bagdat Dyusembaev was shot and injured. in the chest.

“The victim was hospitalized in the city clinical hospital of NI Pirogov.”

Dyusembaev’s medical condition is currently unknown.

Dyusembaev’s alleged shooting came just hours before he returned to the cage.

Dyusembaev was expected to go down with Russia’s Mikhail Avakyan last night at the Hardcore Fighting Championships 22 in Moscow.

The promotion has yet to issue a statement or comment on Dyusembaev’s reported hospitalization on social media.

But judging by Avakyan’s recent Instagram post, it looks like he’s still been fighting on the card.

Hardcore FC – whose pre-fight press conferences have gone viral for several brawls – have yet to release footage from their latest event.

According to his Tapology page, Dyusembaev has yet to taste victory in his professional mixed martial arts career.

Bagdat Dyusembaev's health status is currently unknown.


Bagdat Dyusembaev’s health status is currently unknown.

The Kazakh officially has a TKO and a decision loss to Yaroslav Kuk and Danila Volkov on his 0-2 record.

But numerous reports claim that he actually participated in seven mixed martial arts bouts.

He is said to have a 2-4-1 record, although these stats have not been verified by an internationally renowned stat collector.


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