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General news for Thursday, June 23, 2022



McDan Shipping Company CEO Daniel McKorley

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Shipping Company, Dr Daniel McKorley, has revealed that to instill empathy and discipline in his first son, he got him to start working as a security guard.

He wanted his son to understand the basics of service and therefore had to start him from the lowest to the highest rank in the company.

From a security guard, his son, he says, was promoted to cleaner and worked his way up until he got to where he is.

McDan was speaking on Accra-based Joy Prime when he made it known.

He believes that instilling discipline in children shouldn’t be of the macho type, but rather make them understand why they need to be disciplined.

“My son, for example, was supposed to go to college, but I said he had to stay home for a year. I told him to go and work in my company as a security guard. He saw the tendency to learn how I always teach my children to serve because they are sports personalities, and they all play tennis.

“Boys play football. He started working in my company as a security guard; he moved on as a cleaner. Right now he’s a big boy. So for me teaching discipline is not not the macho type of discipline but the soft skills discipline. I have ten kids, and I never say stop twice because the second stop you’ll get whipped. It worked for me, it might don’t walk for someone else.


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