Need to renew a prescription: the application makes things easier

The UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy makes it easy to pick up your prescriptions before you leave the hospital. Photo by Kati Blocker, UCHealth.

Preston Ems has a busy job as Director of Operations for Primary Care, Women’s Care, and Integrative Medicine at UCHealth. His wife is a nurse and they have two small children.

“We’re running around trying to make it work,” Preston said.

For many people, apps make it easier and faster to get things done. That’s true for Preston and that includes ordering drugs.

“Being able to renew my medication is huge. I made it in my kitchen this morning at 5.35am after feeding the dog and while I was waiting for my tea water to warm up,” Preston said. “It took 20 seconds.”

How to transfer an order:
  • Anyone can use UCHealth pharmacies.
  • You do not need to be a current UCHealth patient to use UCHealth pharmacies.
  • To transfer a prescription, please call the new pharmacy and leave a message. (Get phone numbers and find pharmacies near you.)
  • You can also go in person to any UCHealth pharmacy and request the transfer of your prescriptions from your old pharmacy.
  • It is customary for the new pharmacy to take care of the transfers.

Preston uses the UCHealth app to refill the two medications he takes daily. He can easily view his medication history through the app, select prescriptions to fill, and have them delivered to his home. His payment method is recorded in his app, making it easy to pay for his medications. There are no shipping costs.

“I want to get things done,” Preston said. “But if you’re a person like me, there are things I can’t do if it’s not easy, like my oil change. This app makes it easy for me to take care of myself in my free time. »

UCHealth apps help you take charge of your health

The UCHealth app makes it easy to connect to your health, from your doctor's email to your pharmacy choice.  Source: UC Health.
The UCHealth app makes it easy to connect to your health, from your doctor’s email to your pharmacy choice. Source: UC Health.

The UCHealth app is a safe and secure gateway to My Health Connection, the healthcare system’s patient portal. Through My Health Connection, patients can schedule in-person or virtual appointments, as well as reschedule or cancel appointments. They can message their providers, view test results, read their doctors’ notes, and pay their bills. The portal contains a patient’s health care history and information, allowing people to easily take charge of their health.

To access pharmacy services in the app, patients can simply click on medications in the top menu. The app makes it easy to fill and refill prescriptions. Preston chooses to have his medication delivered through the free mail order service. But users also order medications to pick up at their preferred pharmacy, whether it’s a UCHealth site or an outside pharmacy. People traveling can even get a prescription sent to an out-of-town pharmacy.

“I took my pill this morning and there were probably 20 left and I thought it was time to stock up,” Preston said. “I opened the app, clicked the button for meds, and it listed all my meds. I pushed refills. You have that option if you have refills, but I can request a refill if I don’t. didn’t have that option – like with my inhaler. I knew I had an appointment with my doctor tomorrow (that appointment was also in his My Health Connection), so I didn’t ask for a renewal knowing that I could do it at this meeting.

Preston said he also likes the ability to add other family members to his account (to connect adult family members to your account, they must first approve through their My Health Connection account). He can then go to their in-app medical portal to get a prescription filled for one of his children.

Everything you need to know before starting a drug

Ask "Livi" about your medications and prescription refills through the UCHealth app.  Source: UC Health.
Ask “Livi” about your medications and prescription refills through the UCHealth app. Source: UC Health.

Privacy laws give special protection to patients and their health information. Preston appreciates knowing that his health records are safe on the UCHealth app. Having access to their health records, insurance information, lab results, and medications is convenient because it’s all in one place. It’s also simple to email their medical team with questions or updates.

People who use UCHealth pharmacies enjoy an extra level of customer service. If Preston experiences a side effect with one of his medications, for example, he can ask a question through the app and the pharmacy team will research the answer and may even speak with Preston’s primary care provider. to give him the best information.

“It’s not something you’ll get at drugstore chains,” said Nicole Caputo, senior director of experience and innovation at UCHealth.

The benefits of 24-hour pharmacies and hospital pharmacies for filling and refilling prescriptions

Some UCHealth pharmacies in the Front Range are open 24 hours a day, and there are outpatient pharmacies at UCHealth hospitals.

Find a UCHealth pharmacy near you and ours through the UCHealth app.  Source: UC Health.
Find a UCHealth pharmacy near you, hours, and contact information through the UCHealth app. Source: UC Health.

“Thirty percent of prescriptions are not filled. Not taking a doctor’s prescription leads to an increased risk of hospital readmission,” said Nicole Keenan, UCHealth pharmacy manager. “By filling your prescription at the hospital, all your questions are answered before you leave. And you don’t have to make that extra stop when all you want to do is get home.

In addition to hospitals, UCHealth pharmacies are also conveniently located near clinics and urgent care facilities. Learn more about UCHealth Pharmacy locations, Mail Order Pharmacy, or how to log into the UCHealth app.


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