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New Conservation Management Plan adopted for Haverfordwest Castle


Pembrokeshire County Council’s ambitions to develop a new flagship heritage attraction project at Haverfordwest Castle came closer after the approval of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the site.

Officially adopted by the Cabinet, the CMP has been the subject of consultations with tourism and heritage professionals and the general public. This plan is a key document that will guide the protection and presentation of the significance of the site.

Cllr Paul Miller, Cabinet Member for Economics, Tourism, Recreation and Culture, said he was delighted that the CMP has been approved.

“Haverfordwest Castle is one of the county’s most underused heritage assets, despite being one of its most recognizable landmarks,” he said.

“The CMP’s approval will help ensure we follow the right procedures as we work to develop the site as a heritage attraction that will tell the story of Pembrokeshire.”

This site contains three listed buildings and one listed monument, and is located in the Haverfordwest Conservation Area. The Conservation Management Plan will guide the maintenance and celebration of these heritage assets during development and into the future.

Subject to external funding requests, proposals for the site will be developed in four stages to include:

  • More green spaces for visitors thanks to landscaped gardens on the village plots on the southern banks of the Château and the creation of a new route around the exterior of the Château walls with new access from the North and the South ;
  • A new road from Bridge Street to the Perimeter Walkway, which will open up a breathtaking view of the Castle;
  • A new event space for outdoor performances in the castle’s Inner Bailey;
  • Renovation of the prison to accommodate a flagship tourist attraction.

“The regeneration of the castle should breathe new life into our precious local heritage, creating a more attractive place where people can spend time. It will also provide Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire a quality destination for visitors, ”added Cllr Miller.

“As County Councilor for the Castle District, I welcome this news and I am very pleased with the approval of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the site,” added Cllr Thomas Tudor .

“With the new Castle Square and Castle Lake link, it can only develop and improve this part of Haverfordwest for the benefit of its residents and visitors to the county town of Pembrokeshire, providing beautiful green space for the community and visitors. . “

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