NordVPN Threat Protection improves online security and browsing experience


NordVPN has launched Threat Protection, which is integrated into the NordVPN app. This new feature provides comprehensive security against cyber threats by blocking trackers, phishing attempts, intrusive ads, malicious websites and infected files.

“At Nord Security, we know that cybersecurity is evolving rapidly, and cybersecurity tools must evolve too. And as part of a larger effort to become a more global cybersecurity company, the introduction of Threat Protection brings us one step closer,” says Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN. “With the introduction of Threat Protection, we will be able to offer more services and more comprehensive protection that does not rely solely on your VPN connection.”

Threat Protection mitigates three main types of threats. These include web trackers and malicious ads, harmful websites and infected files.

Web Trackers and Malicious Ads. Fighting trackers is usually outside the scope of a VPN, and that’s where threat protection comes in. Threat protection improves the overall privacy experience on the web by blocking trackers entirely. You can monitor and manage blocked trackers in real time.

Harmful websites. Also use Threat Protection while browsing the web to avoid malicious websites. Threat Protection displays a warning prompt before the page loads. This allows you to exit instead of continuing to a harmful site and be a victim of phishing or have your data collected.

Infected files. Additionally, when downloading a file from the Internet, threat protection can be the first line of defense. It will scan for malware and if no threats are detected, the file will be marked as safe without any interruptions. But if malware is detected, the file will be deleted before it can do any harm. You will also be able to access a log of scanned files available for viewing at any time.

“Threat Protection takes what used to be the job of antivirus software and merges it with NordVPN,” says Vykintas Maknickas, product strategist at NordVPN. “No matter how long you’ve been using the internet, you may end up falling victim to some kind of shaky website or download. That’s exactly why Threat Protection was introduced – to add a layer of security for make your online browsing safer, cleaner and more private.

To use Threat Protection, users need to download the latest OpenVPN version from the NordVPN app from the official website. Once enabled, the feature will protect users without requiring them to connect to a VPN server. Threat Protection is currently available to all macOS users and is gradually rolling out to Windows.


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