Norwich: Royal Arcade celebrates one million visitors in 2022


11:31 am July 31, 2022

One of Norwich’s most popular shopping areas celebrates a high landmark.

The Royal Arcade, which links Back of the Inns and Castle Street to Gentleman’s Walk and Norwich Market, has now seen more than a million customers so far this year.

The remarkable achievement was reached in the week ending July 17.

Operations manager Dan Searle hopes to open the Yalm food hall in Norwich’s Royal Arcade later this year
– Credit: Brittany Woodman

As of July 24, total attendance at the Royal Arcade was 1,079,917.

That’s a 97% increase on the previous year, although the 2021 figures were heavily impacted by Covid restrictions and pandemic-related changes in shopping habits.

Simon Ashdown, director of LPC1 – the arcade’s management company – said: “While the heat wave of the previous week resulted in a slight reduction in attendance as people reasonably stayed at home, we We are delighted to have passed the milestone of one million visitors this year.

JUNI_&_CO will soon be open in The Royal Arcade.  Pictured is Madeleine White and her mother Suzanne

Juni & Co will open at The Royal Arcade in September. Pictured is Madeleine White and her mother Suzanne.
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

“With new tenants such as JUNI & CO, Izola and the new Yalm food hall all planning to open in the next two to three months, and with more new tenants in the pipeline, I anticipate our footfall will continue to grow. increase as shoppers rediscover the delights of the Royal Arcade’s inspiring mix of boutiques, shops and restaurants.”

Carol Cooper, of Francis Darrah Chartered Surveyors – the marketing units of the Royal Arcade company – said: “Now that the school holidays have started and the sun is shining, we are already seeing an increase in visitor numbers to the town center from Norwich and we look forward to enjoying Norwich’s busiest summer for a few years.

Bella and Hugo Middleton and Jude Ludgate of Izola, who are opening their Royal Arcade store in August 2022

Bella Middleton, Hugo Middleton and Jude Ludgate of Izola, who are opening their Royal Arcade store in August 2022
– Credit: Izola

“Undoubtedly, Norwich’s commercial offer will be attractive to many visitors to the city during their stay in the county and with the return of international travel bringing students and overseas visitors back to the city, this will be a great benefit for the local economy.

“Visitors love the Royal Arcade and its rejuvenation will help make Norwich a more memorable place to visit and remind visitors to return in the future.”

The Royal Arcade in Norwich has been welcoming shoppers since 1899 and was designed by George Skipper in the Art Nouveau style.

The great Norwich architect behind this fine strip was also responsible for Jarrold and the headquarters of Norwich Union – now Aviva – in Surrey Street.


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