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Occuspace, Inc., Announces Inclusion in Microsoft’s Partner Program with Innovative Occupancy Management Solution


“The partnership with Microsoft is an honor and we are delighted with the opportunities it presents,” said Nic halverson, CEO of Occuspace. “It’s obvious that businesses are looking for smarter ways to operate and provide their visitors with a safe and convenient experience. We allow businesses to never have to guess how their spaces are used again and empower first-time consumers to make decisions about where and when to go. “

“Companies like Occuspace are adding a new layer of building-level data and information to Microsoft Power Platform,” said Toby Bowers, Managing Director, Business Applications Group at Microsoft. “Their integration allows our clients to obtain information that enables informed decision-making and efficient real estate operations. We are excited that Occuspace is adding value to what we offer our customers. ”

The increased demand for occupancy monitoring technology is significant. Over the past 12 months, Occuspace has grown 10 times the year-over-year growth as workplaces and higher education institutions accelerate their plans to reopen. Occupancy monitoring offers businesses and schools a proactive, non-invasive way to manage the use of their spaces.

Occuspace technology works by monitoring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals privately in a given space, with machine learning algorithms that turn signal data into real-time pedestrian traffic analysis. Microsoft customers can easily integrate occupancy data into the Power Platform.

To learn more about Occuspace and how the technology works, visit occuspace.io. Microsoft customers can explore the Occuspace offering by accessing Microsoft AppSource.

About Occuspace
Occuspace brings new intelligence to the physical world. By capturing the number of people present in a space, Occuspace helps businesses better understand, control and improve how their spaces are used to improve the visitor experience and increase efficiency and savings. The company’s easy-to-install, scalable and affordable sensor technology is changing the way people access and view occupancy data and will make occupancy monitoring a standard in the future.

Contact: Cassie Dono
+1 858 243 8875
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