Oklahoma is hiring for the first-ever civilian cybercorps


Oklahoma State is looking to launch its first-ever civilian Cyber ​​Corps. Volunteer teams across the state will work hand-in-hand with the state’s cybersecurity experts to fend off attacks.

“Cybersecurity is a team sport,” said John Phillips, head of cybercrime hunting and incident response at OMES.

With pipelines, banks, and even gas stations plagued, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the battles of the 21st century are increasingly being fought online.

” It’s everywhere. It happens every day,” said Amber Mangham, Oklahoma’s chief cybersurveillance officer.

From deep within the state’s fortified cyber command facility near the capital, the state roster seeks to enlist civilian reinforcements.

“You can have a high school teacher who’s also the football coach, who’s the resident cyber expert, and I had a situation where we dealt with that,” Phillips said. “If you could start bringing these people into their communities across the state and share that experience, share that knowledge, that network, you have a resource within that local community.”

Oklahoma seeks to become the sixth state to bring together public and private partners to respond to the high-tech but low-investment digital attacks that bombard businesses and bombard the state.

“It’s not just ‘I have a background in cybersecurity, so I adapt’, you don’t have to have that. That’s if you have the attitude and want to come serve your community and are willing to learn, we can teach you. Mangham said.

Applicants will be subject to background checks and will receive training through state agencies.

State Cyber ​​Command hopes to have civilian volunteer teams in each of the state’s eight security regions.

“You won’t be able to defeat everyone and keep them out, so you have to be resilient when something happens. We add forces to it, we react, we mitigate, we return to a normal state,” said Phillips said.

“It’s about building stronger communities and resilience to counter cyber threats,” Mangham said.

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