PfISD Police Investigate Social Media Threat Against Weiss HS


The Pflugerville ISD Police Department is currently investigating a possible social media threat against Weiss High School.

The district said in a letter to parents of Weiss HS that it was made aware of the post on Friday morning and that in response PfISD police had increased police presence on campus.

Austin, Leander, Round Rock, and San Marcos ISD all faced similar threats, but those threats were investigated and found to be unfounded. ISD Lake Travis was also on high alert this week after a message threatening a school shooting was found written on a bathroom wall.

However, a young student at La Grange Middle School has been accused of making a terrorist threat after a threat was posted on TikTok.


Our district is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all of our students. We believe a commitment to openly communicating with parents about safety issues or procedures when they arise is essential. For this reason, I wanted to inform you of an investigation into an alleged threat against the campus.

This morning, we were informed of a social media post regarding a possible threat to our campus. PfISD police immediately began investigating the threat to determine whether the threat is credible or not. At present, the police are still investigating the denunciation and have increased the presence of police officers on campus.

As you may have seen in the news or read on social media, there is a current trend among students on social media that is occurring through Texas and the nation. We and other school districts in the region have seen a recent increase in threats to online campuses via social media.

We know your child’s safety is your number one concern. Know that this is also our number one priority. PfISD PD will ALWAYS thoroughly investigate any threat directed at any of our campuses and take appropriate action.

Please discuss these events with your children, emphasizing the seriousness of the threats to our campus, students and staff. Students can still face disciplinary action, even for non-credible threats, including placement in the district’s Provan Opportunity Center and up to possible legal action.

PfISD has taken a number of initiatives over the years to increase security measures on all of our campuses, including safe and secure entrance halls that prevent visitors from accessing the main building, automatic locks on all the building’s exterior doors, the Raptor visitor management system, extensive camera surveillance, the Anonymous Alerts tip system and increased police presence through the School Resource Officer System.

Anonymous alerts follows our “See Something, Say Something” initiative and allows us to report any negative activity on campus, including threats to school, fights, bullying, drugs, and more. Students, parents or other school staff can simply visit the school website, click on the PfISD Resources section of the home page and choose “Anonymous Alerts”. Or, simply download the Anonymous Alerts mobile app. Visit our website for more information:

Thank you for your continued support. Help us keep our campuses safe by listening to and observing your students and their activities. Our teachers and staff will continue to do so as well.

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