Piers Morgan criticizes Harry and Meghan for wanting police protection


Controversial broadcaster Piers Morgan has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for ‘cheating’ the Queen and calls on them to lose their royal titles

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Prince Harry files police protection complaint for his family

Piers Morgan has once again slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now accusing them of using their royal titles to ‘swindle’ the Queen.

The broadcaster suggested the couple made the deliberate choice to “raise their heads” as the Queen dealt with the loss of her husband Prince Philip and the legal battle for Prince Andrew.

Piers, who has previously expressed strong feelings about Prince Harry and Meghan, later admitted that if it was his decision, he would completely strip them of their royal titles.

He also insisted that Prince Harry be denied protection by British police.

Piers Morgan said he thinks Meghan and Harry should lose all their royal titles

Piers made his first appearance on British breakfast TV since his explosive exit from Good Morning Britain, where he spoke to Sophie Raworth on the BBC’s Sunday morning headlines of the day.

He shared his thoughts on Meghan and Prince Harry, saying: “It was absolutely inevitable that these two would pick themselves up when the Queen least wanted them to.

“I’m so sorry for the Queen right now – it’s her platinum jubilee coming up!

“The timing is also appalling – she lost her husband, she has this horrible situation with Andrew, and now her grandson, who has been baiting the royal family all year, has now come out of his California mansion to say that when he returns to the UK he will want the UK police to protect him.”

Clarifying that he disagreed, Piers said: “Well sorry mate, that’s not how it works!”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been slammed as they offer to pay for police protection while in the UK


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Sophie pointed out that Prince Harry had offered to pay for police protection, which Piers had no interest in hearing.

He said, “I don’t care!”

Sophie chimed in, pointing out that the British taxpayer was not expected to fund her security.

She said: “I know, but to be very clear he’s not saying he wants the taxpayer to fund his security. He’s saying he wants the UK police to protect him while he’s here and he’ll pay for it.”

Piers fired back: ‘Well why should the British police protect him? He is now a private citizen – he does not perform any royal duties -‘

Sophie cut him off, saying, “He’s very high profile.”

Piers said he couldn’t care less that the couple offered to pay for their security


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are a high profile couple



Despite this, Piers held on.

He said: “They’re making hundreds of millions of dollars swindling their royal titles, which they still have, while simultaneously destroying the royal family and the institution of the monarchy that her grandmother heads.

“And now they want to have their cake and eat it like always, and say, ‘When we get back home, we want to be treated like the rest of the royal family.’

“You’re not other royals! In fact, I wouldn’t let them have the royal titles. I think there’s a cheeky double standard – if you want to have the royal title, do it. royal duty like your grandmother, who is the pillar of royal duty.”

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