PPA gubernatorial candidate accuses security officers of banning poll workers from his party


Action Peoples Party (APP) gubernatorial candidate Adeolu Adebayo on Saturday accused all his
Party agents at the polls compromised and instructed security guards across the state to ban them from the polls.

Adebayo, who described his agents as liars, said: “My party’s agents across the state have been compromised and hijacked by one of the major political parties in the gubernatorial race and should not be allowed to participate in the exercise.

“It was discovered that all my party agents in Osun State were foreigners, I don’t know them and they are never members of the Action Peoples Party (APP).”

“It was noted on my party’s passport photo, the state agent was not someone from my party. I’m starting to do my discoveries for proof and I found out yesterday that some of the party members had seen my party agents’ tags with strange people.

“I am continuing my investigation to be sure of the allegations that members of the PDP were behind this diabolical act. I therefore demand prompt action and approach from the police commission; never allow anyone to wear APP party agent tags at polling stations in Osun State. Arrest must be made in all cases where someone is seen wearing APP party agent tags,” he said.


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#OsunDecides2022: APP gubernatorial candidate accuses security officers of banning election officials from his party

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#OsunDecides2022: APP gubernatorial candidate accuses security officers of banning election officials from his party


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