Product showcase: ImmuniWeb Neuron, DAST with zero false positive SLA


Few organizations can afford regular penetration testing of their many web applications, APIs, and microservices. Instead, they typically leverage fully automated web vulnerability scanning, namely various Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solutions. The cost-effective substitute has two major pitfalls, however: false positives and false negatives.

ImmuniWeb, a global application security company with more than 1,000 customers in more than 50 countries, unveils ImmuniWeb Neuron which is specifically designed to solve both problems in a simple, effective and efficient way. Its award-winning machine learning technology eliminates false positives and reduces the number of false negatives.

Zero false positives SLA and money back guarantee

With ImmuniWeb Neuron, you no longer have to worry about false positives: for each false positive you spot in your scan report (if any), you get your money back for the entire week of your subscription, regardless the size of your scope.

Yes, this is not a puff of sale but a legally binding contractual clause for all ImmuniWeb customers. The SLA does not cover low-risk security warnings, such as HTTP security header misconfigurations, but comprehensively addresses all security vulnerabilities with a CVSS score.

AI-driven detection of OWASP Top 10 and OWASP API Security Top 10

Neuron’s vulnerability fuzzing engine is enhanced with a set of interconnected machine learning models, trained on real penetration test data. It intelligently automates complex tasks, ranging from business logic testing to WAF bypass. ImmuniWeb Neuron can run in-depth testing of APIs and microservices, hosted on-premises or in a cloud environment.

Like all other automated web vulnerability scanning solutions, Neuron cannot and does not replace a skilled penetration tester, but is specifically designed to produce more results compared to traditional scanning tools.

Expert support for vulnerability scanning and remediation

Unlike other DAST solutions, Neuron comes with unlimited technical support from ImmuniWeb’s web security analysts. Whenever your software developers or DevOps engineers need additional guidance on exploiting or remediating vulnerabilities, they will get qualified help via email or online ticket options.

Flexible scan settings, scheduling, and configuration

For each Neuron scan, you can fully customize your scope, adjust scan speed and aggressiveness, and configure multirole authenticated scanning with SSO and some MFA variants.

Scans can be run manually or on a schedule with a custom periodicity. Your targets and scans can be categorized into easily manageable groups with tags that add extra granularity to managing ongoing scans.


Native CI/CD and DevSecOps

A diverse ecosystem of technical integrations makes ImmuniWeb Neuron the ideal solution for your existing CI/CD pipeline or DevSecOps processes.

ImmuniWeb Neuron

Unbeatable pricing model

For larger organizations, ImmuniWeb Neuron offers subscriptions with unlimited targets for a fixed annual price. This can be especially useful when your scope of analysis is not yet known or may suddenly increase due to corporate merger and acquisition activity.

For a fixed number of targets, if your target simply changes (sub)domain, you are not required to purchase an additional target – these changes are free. Before starting your first scan, you can also edit or delete your targets at no additional cost.


ASM for risk-based and threat-aware testing

Most organizations struggle to prioritize their application security testing and subsequent vulnerability remediation strategy. Pervasive shadow computing, third-party managed microservices, and multicloud environments compound the situation. To overcome these obstacles, you can combine Neuron with Discovery – ImmuniWeb’s Attacks Surface Management (ASM) offering.

Just enter your business name – simple as that – to get an easy-to-use dashboard outlining all your external IT assets, including domains, websites and APIs, mobile apps, cloud storage, and points. endpoints, network services and publicly exposed IoT devices. Assets are categorized by risk score and compliance status, while misconfigurations and detected vulnerabilities are accompanied by remediation instructions. Importantly, each asset is also mapped to its threat landscape, including stolen credentials, posts to hacking forums selling access to your data or infrastructure, phishing campaigns in courses or fake social media accounts impersonating your business.


By combining ImmuniWeb Neuron DAST with Discovery ASM, you take your application security testing program to the next level by making it holistic, risk-based, and threat-aware.

ImmuniWeb AI Platform – 5 products, 20 use cases

While the DAST market is booming, most data protection regulations and laws expressly mandate mandatory penetration testing by human experts that cannot be replaced by any type of automated DAST analysis. The winner ImmuniWeb AI Platform offers you all kinds of synchronized products in one place to meet a wide range of security, privacy and compliance needs:

ImmuniWeb Neuron

All products are accessible via an intuitive dashboard with RBAC user management. A well-documented API can automate the process and seamlessly integrate ImmuniWeb with your existing SIEM system, CI/CD pipeline, or DevSecOps tools.

You can request a free demo and a personalized quote before buying – don’t miss the opportunity.


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