Ranger Guard and Investigations explains why its mobile patrol security service is unique


Ranger Guard and Investigations is a leading provider of private security services. The agency explained why its mobile patrol security service is unique in a recent update.

San Antonio, TX- Ranger Guard and Investigations, in a post on the website, shared what sets its San Antonio patrol security services apart.

Security guard patrol services perform many essential functions. Therefore, Ranger Guard and Investigations uses the latest training and data analysis to provide customers with the best possible service. At Ranger, it starts with hiring San Antonio Security Services officers who have previous experience in military service or law enforcement. The agency combines its specialist skills with counter-terrorism tactics, criminal law, defensive tactics, patrol procedures and first aid/CPR.

In addition to these areas of training, all management staff are trained in different types of data analysis, enabling them to spot recurring problems on a site and put in place solutions that will stop illegal activities. Specialized aptitude tests, extensive background checks and rigorous drug tests ensure they only hire the best.

One of the most exciting and innovative services offered by Ranger Guard and Investigations, Security On-Demand, uses the latest technology to allow customers to request security and patrol services as needed. San Antonio Mobile Patrol Services officers are not only equipped with GPS to let customers know exactly where they are, but they are also required to photograph the property while patrolling. Information is updated in real time and posted on a designated customer access website.

About Ranger Guard and Investigations

Ranger Guard and Investigations provides comprehensive security services to industrial, commercial, nonprofit, and professional organizations and agencies statewide. What makes them unique is their dedication to building long-term relationships with customers, which always come first. The agency has certified, licensed and insured security guards. Each security professional has been selected according to the highest standards and satisfaction of state regulations.

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