Residents demand action against ‘parking risk’ of visitors to Bodmin prison


Residents have called for action against a “parking risk” plaguing their city due to a busy tourist attraction.

Visitors to Bodmin Prison parked on the road outside the attraction, forcing motorists through gangs of cars effectively blocking one side of the street – despite the fact that there is special parking. built nearby.

Several residents have reported the issue at Berrycoombe Road on local social media groups, calling for implementation of the yellow lines and enforcement by Cornwall Council.

One resident wrote: “The road down to near the prison is a joke, it needs to be sorted out and it looks like everyone has forgotten the rights of way. It’s an accident waiting to happen. We just had to brake the car and there was a 4×4 that had to go down the grass just to pass, something needs to be done.

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Another previously said: “Is the council going to put double yellow lines on the outside of the prison for visitors to use the new parking lot?” At present, the road is still crowded with cars and the parking lot is empty.

In a statement, Bodmin Mayor Jeremy Cooper said on behalf of Bodmin City Council: “The first point that needs to be made is that Bodmin City Council fully supports the principle of the Bodmin Prison redevelopment. The project, which saw a substantial investment to create a magnificent hotel complex, is very well received, and we hope that in the long term it will bring economic benefits to the whole city.

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“Bodmin City Council welcomes the opportunity to work with Bodmin Prison developers and any organizations that may want to invest in our city. Bodmin City Council has only one guiding principle in any interaction that enables development, which is that it should benefit our community as a whole.

A sign affixed to a lamppost near the Berrycoombe car park detailing the plans for the no-wait zone / yellow line.

He also called on Cornwall Council to take swift action, adding: “The legal and planning issues surrounding the completion and operation of the parking lot on the Hillside Park green space have not prevented the prison from Bodmin to use the parking lot for staff and guests during the redevelopment. This also did not prevent Cornwall Council from requesting the application of the appropriate planning covering the operation of the complex and the management of the parking lot.

“The parking situation on Scarlett’s Well Road has been a point of contention since the early stages of the Bodmin Prison redevelopment, causing disruption to residents and visitors. However, the operation of the Hillside car park and the on-road parking restrictions are two very separate and distinct entities.

A near empty Berrycoombe parking lot, adjacent to Bodmin Prison and built as part of the development.
A near empty Berrycoombe parking lot, adjacent to Bodmin Prison and built as part of the development.

“The requirement for parking in the green space of Hillside Park is part of the general planning conditions set out by Cornwall City Council. Only Cornwall City Council can set planning conditions, one of which required Bodmin Prison to provide off-road parking. Only Cornwall Council can make and enforce parking restriction orders. Only Cornwall Council, as the primary authority, has the legal authority to ensure both the planning and the enforcement of parking.

“The Bodmin City Council is only a consultant and cannot provide this service. The planning permission given to Bodmin Prison to redevelop the site was quite specific and can be found in the Council’s Document Library. Cornwall on the Planning Portal, under PA17 / 00086. “

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Cllr Cooper continued: “… The management of everything to do with the parking lot and Bodmin Jail should be put in place and judged by Cornwall Council. Failure to manage traffic and road safety is the responsibility of Cornwall Council. Let there be no doubt – Bodmin City Council has raised issues with Cornwall Council regularly over the past four years to no avail.

“We have advocated for intervention to allow residents to go about their business. We have raised this issue with Bodmin Cornwall City Council members and at Cornwall Council Community Network meetings. Currently, a solution to the traffic chaos that upsets residents can only be provided by Cornwall Council putting in place the agreed parking management restrictions and Bodmin Prison proactively managing visitors to their attraction.

“Bodmin City Council will continue to work to mediate the situation and protect the interests of Bodmin residents as always. However, a solution will depend on strengthening the other parties. “

Cars parked in front of Bodmin Prison.  At peak times, the queue can stretch for a distance on the road with limited parking spaces, which residents described as dangerous.
Cars parked in front of Bodmin Prison. At peak times, the queue can stretch for a distance on the road with limited parking spaces, which residents described as dangerous.

Bodmin Prison and the Cornwall City Councilor for the area both said action would be taken shortly.

In response to a resident, a spokesperson for Bodmin Prison said: “We fully understand the concerns of all residents and have informed on our website of all available parking lots. We also advise anyone who calls to park there (in the car parks). We are currently waiting for additional signage which has been ordered to be placed on the road.

“A TRO (Traffic Management Order) was issued by Cornwall Council in May of last year (2020) for double yellow lines and we have fully completed our section. We are now waiting for the council to take action … We have reason to believe that an installation date is imminent. “

Cornwall advisor for Bodmin St Lawrence, Lanivet and Blisland, who covers the Bodmin prison area, Cllr Jenny Cruse, said funding for the yellow lines had been put in place and would be implemented by the summer.

She said: “I can confirm that there is a plan to place yellow lines all around Bodmin Prison. I understand from Cornwall Highways that this program is imminent and will be in place before the summer break. The funding is in place for that, so it will move forward. I fully understand the frustration of the local community and have responded to many emails about it.

“I would also like to point out that the new Scarletts Well parking lot is now open and that there is no reason for anyone visiting the prison to park on the road.”

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