Savannah City Council plans to explore night management plan


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The Savannah City Council is considering a contract to help them develop what is called a night management program. If approved, the program will address nighttime issues such as public safety, transportation, tourism, noise and alcohol control across the city.

During his weekly press conference at Savannah City Hall, Mayor Van Johnson said, “We need an unbiased, disinterested approach for someone who looks at our city through a very sharp and clear lens. and said that is what we observed.”

The cost of the contract, $80,000, would be covered by money from the general fund. According to this week’s Agenda Staff Report, the Responsibility Hospitality Institute is the leader in managing the night economy.

Mayor Johnson said: ‘I believe moving this city-wide study forward is really helping us figure out the best way to literally create night government, where we recognize that we are a 24-hour city. out of 24, we are not only 8-5.

The head of Visit Savannah agrees with a citywide strategy for the study if the council decides to move forward.

“I’m glad to hear him say that. Because the number of visitors is increasing, we want to extend the visitor’s experience. It’s not just River Street and City Market. There are so many other developing areas of our community that want to attract visitors. These are restaurants, clubs and retail businesses, etc. said Joe Marinelli, Visit Savannah. Marinelli said he believes a study like this is necessary and would be a positive step toward a better understanding of how to manage the city’s nighttime economy in the years to come.

The mayor says he is excited about what this kind of study could bring. Again, the Board will decide on the contract this Thursday, and if approved, it will start soon after and run for a year.

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