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Security guard and four other Indian expats win 1 million dirhams in Mahzooz draw in Dubai


The five winners of the last Mahzooz draw
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Dubai: A 35-year-old Punjabi security guard who has lived away from his family for more than a decade, now has the means to bring them to the United Arab Emirates after winning 200,000 Dh in the last Mahzooz draw.

Sanjeev, a resident of Al Ain, and four other Indian expats shared the second tier Dh1M prize after finding five of the six winning numbers 17-19-37-38-39-49 in the 33rd Mahzooz Weekly Draw, the July 10.

Sanjeev said: “I have been away from my family for 10 years. I miss them every day. Thanks to Mahzooz, I can now bring them to the United Arab Emirates. Being able to find my children is the best thing I could dream of. Having them with me is priceless.

Huge relief

Another winner is Shafi, 48, from Kerala. He said: “Last Saturday was only my second participation in Mahzooz, and I never thought I would win so quickly. I was surprised when I received a call from the Mahzooz team informing me that I had won 200,000 Dh. I was speechless. I feel so blessed and lucky.

“This victory is a huge relief for me as I no longer worry about my financial burden,” added Shafi, who works in a drugstore in Dubai and has lived here for 19 years.

Dream house

As for Prabhu, 37, from Chennai, the 200,000 Dh he received from Mahzooz will be used to build the house of his dreams. He said, “My wife and I have always dreamed of having our own house in Chennai. Our dream will soon be a reality. Good things happen to those who believe that anything is possible.

To marry

Ravoof, 27, from Kerala, will have a good start to start a family. He said: “With this money (200,000 Dh), I can now plan my future with more clarity and confidence. My next step is to get married and have my own family. I will also help some of my loved ones who have supported me during my difficult days.

Meanwhile, Mohammed, 38, from Hyderabad plans to share some of his prize money with others. “Winning feels good. But the great thing is when you can share your blessings and happiness with others. For me, this will make the prize money more meaningful. I will donate part of my earnings to charity and help as many people as possible, ”said the father who lives in Sharjah.

How to join

The next Mahzooz draw is scheduled for Saturday, July 17 at 9 p.m. KST. The entrance fee is Dh35. Participants can participate by registering on the Mahzooz website.


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