Security guard opens fire on customer who tried to enter bank without a face mask


A customer who tried to enter a bank without wearing a mask was seriously shot and wounded by an armed security guard, according to reports.

The shocking incident took place at a branch of the Bank of Baroda in Bareilly in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Client without a mask Rajesh Kumar attempted to enter the branch at around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, June 25. The security guard, Keshav Prasad Mishra, tried to prevent him from entering and a heated argument ensued.

Mr Kumar was rushed to hospital while Mishra – who allegedly worked for a third-party security company – was arrested by police.

Mishra told arresting officers he must have opened fire when the client attempted to forcefully enter the premises.

“No one at the bank helped my husband,” Ms. Kumar said

Rajesh’s wife Priyanka told The Times of India: “My husband went to the branch of Bank of Baroda where he holds his account to update his passbook. He was not wearing a mask and was refused entry.

“After a while,” she added, “he came back with a mask, but the same guard again refused him entry, saying it was lunchtime.”

She said there was a brief fight between the guard and her husband in which Mr. Kumar was shot.

“No one at the bank helped my husband,” she said, “who made a call on my daughter’s cell phone and informed us of the incident.

“I rushed to the bank where my husband was lying on the floor when none of the bank officials bothered to help him. I took him to the hospital in an e-rickshaw.

The security guard was arrested at the scene
The security guard was arrested at the scene

A bank statement read: “We deeply regret the unfortunate shooting incident which took place today at the Station Road branch in Bareilly following an altercation between the guard and the victim.

“The injured person [man] was immediately admitted to the district hospital and would be out of danger. The bank extended all support (financial and otherwise) to the injured family. “

The bank conducts a full investigation into the incident
The bank conducts a full investigation into the incident

“The guard, who was privately contracted, was immediately relieved of his duties and was also arrested by the police. The bank is working with law enforcement authorities in their investigations.

“We are also carrying out an internal investigation through the Bank’s security officers to ensure that such a random incident does not happen again in the future and that the safety of the client is always ensured.”


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