Security guard receives cash aid after being assaulted


A WOMAN from Seremban who was beaten and robbed of her salary and gold chain by snatchers has received help, Malaysia Nanban reported.

Saraswathi Selvaraju, 42, who works as a security guard at a secondary school in Seremban 2, was returning home to Port Dickson on March 30 at around 8pm when the incident took place.

She had just withdrawn her salary from an ATM at a petrol station in Sendayan and was on her motorbike when she was accosted by two men on motorbikes who had obviously followed her.

They threatened the victim with a knife and took the RM1800 she had just withdrawn. They also tore off her gold chain.

They kicked Saraswathi in the stomach before fleeing.

Rasah MP Cha Kee Chin, who met the victim in Seremban, comforted her and gave her RM2,000 to help her cope with the loss.

> Three Tamil Nadu men have been killed after being run over while trying to take selfies on a train track, Malaysia Nanban reported.

The three victims, identified as 18-year-old K. Mohan, 19-year-old Prakash, and 20-year-old Ashok, were traveling to Chengalpattu from their home when they came to a railroad crossing and decided to take a selfie.

Absorbed by the idea of ​​having their picture taken, they did not notice the train hurtling towards them, nor heard the warning horn that the driver of the train would have sounded.

The men were unable to escape in time and were rammed by the train.

● The above article is compiled from vernacular newspapers (Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil dailies). Thus, the stories are grouped according to the respective language/media. When a paragraph begins with this sign ‘>’, it designates a distinct short story.


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