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Security guard who disappeared with N $ 300,000 arrested


The security guard on suspicion of stealing N $ 300,000 during a cash transit in Swakopmund a week ago was arrested on Thursday morning.

Erongo’s criminal investigations coordinator Erastus Iikuyu confirmed that Ricardo Oxurub (35) was arrested in the informal Swakopmund encampment in DRC.

He was found in the company of friends.

“Following a public denunciation, we found the suspect drinking alcohol with his friends. He tried to escape, but was apprehended and detained by the police, ”Iikuyu said.

Oxurub was found in possession of N $ 12,800 wrapped in plastic.

“Due to the fact that the suspect was still drunk, the police were unable to formally charge him earlier. However, he has been charged and will appear in Swakopmund Magistrates’ Court on Monday, ”Iikuyu said.

Erongo police spokesperson inspector Ileni Shapumba applauded the public for their continued support in the fight against crime.

“We also commend the police and members of the public for a job well done in apprehending and arresting the suspect,” he said.

Last Friday, Oxurub and other security guards were tasked with Bank Windhoek’s automatic teller machines (ATMs) around Swakopmund and Arandis, carrying large amounts of cash.

As they made their way to the ATM at the Ocean View Spar complex, Oxurub allegedly remained in the CIT vehicle with a cash register.

Police said when the other guards returned to the vehicle, Oxurub disappeared with a bank bag containing 300,000 Namibian dollars.

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